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New owner - LHD 1979 Elite 503

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I've just bought an almost totally unmolested Elite; originally supplied to France where it has always remained in the Department.  It's currently undergoing a thorough engine/mechanical overhaul (which may throw up 'issues'!) but for the moment all I'm looking for are the following:

  1. Floor board, Boot (B075V1020Z) - mine's absent
  2. Carpet, Boot floor (B07SV1015Z) - mine's tatty
  3. Rear washer reservoir (X036B6161Z) - mine's absent
  4. Bag holder/Battery clamp (B075U0326Z) - mine's absent
  5. Clock - Kienzle (B075N6005Z) - mine's good looking, but not working! 
  6. Radio (Philips 22RN712) - mine's a Blaupunkt and a bit too wide
  7. or Radio (Pioneer KP 9300)
  8. or Radio (Motorola LT 558)

Anyone got any ideas where I might find any/all of the above; either UK or France.  Until recently, Mini Cooper Ss have been my passion ...


Thanks for any help you may be able to give. 


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For random second hand bits:

- Try, but ring them, don't email.  They have tons of broken cars.  

- Try Tocus on this forum


Clocks crop on eBay regularly.  In fact most parts crop up on eBay, but sometimes Lotus Bits are cheaper.


I bought carpets from SJ Sportcars, but lots of people sell them on ebay  too.


I have never seen the original boot floor.  I think they were card and tended to disintegrate quite quickly.


I am also minus the rear washer bag.  I have a feeling they were pretty poor in concept and so tend to be junked. 



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Welcome to TLF Anthony. :welcome:


Pop over to the Introductions thread and say hi in there as well.


Best of luck with sourcing the parts you are after. Also have a look in the Free Classifieds link at the top of the page. May be something in there.

All we know is that when they stop making this, we will be properly, properly sad.Jeremy Clarkson on the Esprit.

Opinions are like armpits. Everyone has them, some just stink more than others.

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i dont have a radio on spare, and also not carpets, i sold everything,

but you can buy new ones on ebay,


the boot floor you also can make by your own, its not a big thing,


and the phillips radio is very very rare!!!

next month i will get new cars for spares so then i got some new bits!

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Thats a good question, pfff i think one good radio is worth 200 euro,

(and also good looking) and with dictaphone (some strange thing under the dash) 250 euro,

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  • Gold FFM

Hi Anthony, no problem, I have to go over to my other garage where I keep my spares and check them out, I will test them on a battery to see if they work and take it from there.



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