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Wheel alignment...

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Thinking of making my own tool for this using a laser and a machined jig to focus the beam propperly.

Main reason is that whenever I need to get anything done atm it seems to take an age or nothing ever happens (gearbox, tyres, stainless steel I ordered etc).

Attaching it, getting them 90 degrees to the hub etc is all done just wondering what to take the datum from.

My guesses are from the dead centre of the backbone - fire a laser through a tube fixed dead centre of the beam ? I would do it the good old beam way and spend 30mins/1 hr making sure all the distances are equal but tbh I can't be bothered with it.

'spose you could fire all 4 wheels at a flat normal surface to the car and go from there, dunno, never done this before.

Or has anyone tried one of these ? Easier to set up but I doubt they are as accurate or will fit 10" wide wheels !;pcode=GUNG4008

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:lol: What the b*ll*cks...

OMG, how much time have you got on your hands, Jon. :P

I thought I was getting bad by checking the forum at lunch time and at night. Then theres you off building your own tracking station... :D

Good on ya ! - If I hadn't got a wife, three kids and a demanding job I'd be doing the same. :P

EDIT --->>

Not to mention posting after midnight.

Edited by CarlC
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OMG, how much time have you got on your hands, Jon. :lol:

Not enough !

This project is very important to me tbh and geo is an pretty important part of that - if it weren't for 3rd partys giving me hard time I'd be in the garage.

It's not that hard really, having a lathe + mill at hand is great but after todays dismal audit I dunno how safe all our jobs are atm so I'm getting in there while the facilities are available. If I could make a living out of it I'd be prefabbing stuff for the cars all day long.

1am now hehe, wide awake planning tomorrow out :D

facebook = [email protected]

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