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Where's the limit? I mean, considering what even 5 year old Porsches are going for (values on the up, god help me...) and what the air cooled cars are fetching now, I guess we can just keep sitting on our cars for another few years before cashing in. The only question is whether the Esprit will even out with the other exotics, or whether it will consistently be outpaced. I'd love to be able to sell the V8 for a Testarossa or XJ220 someday, hopefully soon before the state bans cars and internal combustion engines... 

Edit: ok the XJ220 isn't gonna happen. But a beater Testarossa I can run into the ground would be nice. 

Vanya Stanisavljevic '91 Esprit SE | '97 XK8

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I personally think prices will drop a lot more as we Brexit. It doesn't matter unless you have to sell. I have restored two car s now with labour and parts you are looking north of £50k, and that's if

After 16 years of ownership and 10 months on the market, I received the official word today that my '94 S4 has sold and is now with its new owner. Sold for: AUD$74,000 I bought the car in th

I have the same experience.....26 years of ownership and 52.000 km on the odo......with my '90 Esprit Turbo SE I have all the invoices since purchase in 1993; total cost of maintenance during all

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43 minutes ago, rudolphwolven said:

New on "mobile de" and a relative bargain (if the painting is accepted)..... LHD V8........ 01/1996.........5.500 km..........Euro 36.000,-




Couldn't they have found a derelict warehouse or a train to graffiti?

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13 hours ago, rudolphwolven said:

RETRACTED ALREADY BY ADVERTISING SITE "MOBILE DE".........with remark "offering does not fullfill safety requirements"

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88 Esprit NA, 89 Esprit Turbo SE, Evora, Evora S, Evora IPS, Evora S IPS, Evora S IPS SR, Evora 400, Elise S1, Elise S1 111s, Evora GT410 Sport

Evora NA

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The damaged V8 Esprit advertised at $120,000 that I posted back on page 28, sold within two weeks...     :o

Not sure of the final sale price, but...     :o

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Simon  (94 S4)      My Esprit will be for sale in late 2017

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6 hours ago, swindon_alan said:

Good grief!

Are they really going to sell at those prices?!?! If so then I had better wrap mine up in cotton wool and put it in a container...


Check out the colour of the expensive v8 .... B-)

Only here once

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38 minutes ago, Bazza 907 said:

So to be clear

Firstly we are aghast when Esprit prices get left behind as classic car prices rocket but then, when they catch up, we're aghast at the prices being asked...

Why, yes, exactly!  :P

Tony K. :)


Esprit S1s #355H & 454H

Esprit S2.2  #324J

1991 Esprit SE

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Good grief. Pretty rubbish photos of all of them. Lots of pots :ph34r:

Caught between a rock and a hard place in a catch 22 situation, So its 6 of one and half a dozen of the other. Your damned if you do, but your damned if you don't so shut your cock!!!!!!!!!!!

Lotus Espirt Turbo S3    

Lotus Esprit S4 

Lotus Elise S2 Sport 130


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It's a well known fact that black esprit a all ways fetch the most money.  

Jokes aside this is thereabouts for the uk market for a very good low mileage g car. One with sub 5k came available a couple of weeks ago at 50k sterling and went with in a few days.

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It's partytime for Giugiaro-owners.............

Lotus Esprit Turbo Giugiaro........ € 110.000,-|as



Edited by rudolphwolven
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I would be very interested to see if this sells at this as it is pretty much the same spec and milage as mine but without the sunroof. wil need to increase my insurance if it is this much. 

Do you expect me to talk........ No Mr Bond I expect you to die!

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