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Series 1 Engine Fire

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So I tried taking the car out on Friday, checked for oil in the distributor found a tiny bit much less than last time and none anywhere near the contact points. Tried to start the car and it reluctantly caught but didn't sound right. I let it warm up a bit and tried backing up and the engine seemed to bog down. Took it around the block and it stalled just as I pulled back into the drive way. I'm beginning to think that maybe the problems I saw last week are an indication of more than just a leaky distributor. I tried starting it again, and again it caught but wasn't happy just didn't sound right and didn't want to idle, had to keep fanning the accelerator to keep it alive. I tried to adjust the timing to see if maybe I'd misplaced the distributor when putting back but I couldn't even see the timing marks on the fly wheel and no amount of rotating had any effect. It almost sounds like one cylinder isn't firing, maybe one carb is too lean? Not sure, gonna call the mechanic this week and see about having it towed to him so he can have a look. Really frustrating after getting it back from the fire.


Brian M.

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