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Red Salvage V8 on Ebay


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Sounds like all the damage that Jonathon had on his last car, is it the same car Jonathon?

Might be worth buying?

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Top Posters In This Topic

WOW, yes thats was my 1st Esprit !

OMG shocked - cold flush :o

Looks like he's done a good job of it so far, although you don't spell chassis Shasy :lol:

Few incorrectnesses.

It's over 24,000 miles, the front wheel was shagged, although he might have replaced it. No mention about it being on the lid which is a bit naughty :)

Wonder what he did to the drivers side A pilar ? Looks like it could have been reparied, it wasn't that white when I last saw it.

If he's done all the work and as he says starts and drives - then it's cost him about

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Indeed - I still have the nose badge :)

My only concern would be that it's been standing for so long - from the photos all it needs are the 2 wing mirrors and would be just as easy to replace the whole drivers door as it needs re-spraying anyways. 90% of it has been done by the looks of things - it was only cosmetic damage, front OS wheel and the front oil coolers that were wrong with it anyways

The interior was supposed to be buggered after it was left out in the rain for so long at the specialist with no window :rolleyes:

Reakon it might need only about

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I thought that must be your's too mate,

Had to stand on my head to be sure though.

Forgive me, Please... :rolleyes:

Looks like a tidy project now, i can understand that had this come

up before the SE that you might have gone for it, i know you gave

yourself a hard time about it, at least it will see the road for sure

now it's got this far, and i'm sure you'd be less happy to tinker with

it as much as the SE, and you do like to tinker.


This pic made me wonder how a late esprit would look with black

front and rear bumpers, like the early S3 cars...


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LOL don't tinker with the tinker man :rolleyes:

TBH thinking about it I'm glad it went the way it did, the insurance hit wasn't so bad and I made out of it financially anyways - I have 2 fantastic 4 bangers here and the SE gives me a far better project than the V8 anyways. Anyone who's not driven a V8 or had one go weewar on you will never understand.

Hoping it'll come closer down this neck of the woods (IF it sells) - it'd be nice to help out finish it off and get it back to how it used to be. Prob is any lower and the car could be bought as salvage and ripped apart and sold in kit form.

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