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Non-working speedometer

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OK, my car had a dash fire before I got it. I'm working blind here. Got her running and road worthy 3 days ago. BUT, I have no speedometer. The odometer powers up and displays, but doesn't climb in mileage due to no speedo.

I've opened the cluster cover and there are two wires going to the speedo. Contacts are clean and it fits tight. Any ideas on how to test the speedo itself?

Isn't the speedo driven from a sensor on the front right wheel? Is there a way to test this?


BTW, I did a search and only found problems with "bouncy" speedos.

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I've heard both, is there a visual difference in the sensor compaired to the other three?

ALSO, I have two wires going into my speedo plug. As my car had to be re-wired, is this correct? It's only two screws to remove the instrument bezel cover.... anyone wanna help and send a pic if there's three wires? I have the black wiring diagram book but I'm afraid I don't have the edumucation to understand it;)

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You should have 3 wires coming directly from the back of your speedo head. Like this:


The one I assume you're missing is in the top left of the plug in the above pic. I think that's the signal (I can't remember, it's been a while!) which will allow your speedo to show the road speed. The wire goes to the 18 pin connector of the dash (binacle) loom (there's a smaller 14 pin plug too) and ends up at the position shown below:


From there on I dunno where it goes! It just dissapears under the dash..... :D

Any help?

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