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Roof Panel Liner Problem

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Hi All,

Earlier this year I stripped of the material liner from the removable roof panel, smoothed it out and re-glued it. However during the really hot days of this summer the glue started to fail and it sagged and came away.

No I can re-glue it with some better stuff but the backing appears to come away from the fabric facia so een though the back is stuck to the panel the fabric facia you can see doesnt appear to stick to the backing.

I hope some of that made sense. :rolleyes:

Any clues on how to fix this ?

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Hi, Ive retrimmed both my esprit and an excel and found that once the two layers have seperated you will always have the problem. The easiest and more reliable solution is to replace it with brand new material. WOOLIES do a good quality and relatively cheap range of foam backed roof lining material and can even supply the proper glue. Hope this helps cheers chris

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Just have a pro redo it, I had my panel redone in black headliner earlier this year for about $50USD and looks the treat! Worth the money to have it done right!


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Chris / Art,

Thanks for the reply's. Ill try and shop around locally to see if some one will do a retrim but I will check out woolies Chris to see if I can find something suitable. Top tip Cheers.

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ummm.. cut a piece of 1/8" hardboard, wrap it in whatever material you like and stick it to the roof panel. The latched will keep it in place in the rear and I used 2 very small screws up front in case the glue decided to melt. I'll take a pic or 2 later and post.

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