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Exige S to US?

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Drove the white Exige S that was on Top Gear, had a very memorable few seconds as Dave Minter's passenger (I think I muttered '*kin hell* a few times under my breath inbetween bouts of terror !).

Great car, if not a bit too civilised in there (prefer the S1 feel) but overall - incredible to drive, I would have loved to have had a few days to get used to it and have a propper play. My only prob with the Elise line is they went all soft, they should have kept one hard core version for the handling junkies out there.

The thing I love about the styling is no other car looks even remotely like it (at time of design) - I think they done a great job of it - Superb car in every sense.

The Exige Cup is the one to behold.

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You fellows wouldnt be interested in anything I did :D

Mostly promotional vehicles for Dewalt, Porter Cable, CTV, Rogers , some police car conversion work on the Chevrolet Impala and Tahoe , graphics and sponsorship proposals on a few racing cars and a bit on the lighting on the Aston Martin Vanquish , DB9 and Vantage.

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I don't understand this.

do you mean the Exige S comes with a supercharged engine??

or the owner adds the supercharger to the car?

It comes with the Toyota/Yamaha 111R engine, which in the US produces 190 hp normally aspirated. In the Exige S, it will be factory supercharged, and will produce 228 horsepower. The advantage is that the engine and supercharger will remain under warranty, which is anticipated to eat into profits of aftermarket companies such as Forcefed who currently offer increases in horsepower of 240 to 400 horsepower, but with engine modifications which threaten to void warranties (not proven by me one way or the other).

We were advised about 4 weeks ago that dealers each could expect an initial vehicle in the storm titanium color to use for demo or sell. My local dealer is going to sell theirs, and is asking $3,500 US over MSRP of $56,900 for the vehicle. A different dealer is offering to sell at MSRP.

Unlike the current Exige, which has a nonfunctional scoop on top (hood?), the Exige S scoop is functional, and although the roof/hood can still be unbolted and removed, there is some thought that doing so will interfere with smooth flow of air into the engine. Conversation continues in real life, and over at Elise Talk forum.

Got into in to an Exige back in the summer. Absolutely not made for big blokes. When you're 6" 6" and a shade under 20 stone, its a bit of a no go area. I haven't got the coolest entrance or exit from Esprit but climbing into Exige cockpit was just a bit embarrrasing with a croud around.

However, if a foot shorter and a cask of ale lighter, it would have to make the shopping list though.

You might consider trying the Elise. With the soft roof off, it is quite a bit easier getting into and out of.

I took off the vestigial sunshades to open up the view area, and some people have moved to a mini-mirror for the same purpose. Might suit your needs better so long as you have something else to drive when it rains : - )

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