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SE Engine Cover Seal (to Sidewall)

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Gentlemen, I'm currently looking for a replacement engine cover seal (bottom one), P/N A082U5882K (made from A089U6055V)

I see it's obsolete, and noted the previous unsatisfactory attempts to locate genuine seals:

"I like the excellent quality of the fiberglass parts (xxx - insert well-known UK supplier here) sells (like the bumpers, battery tray, seat belt slots, etc.), but the rubber trim and moulding pieces I bought from them are just random substitutes pulled from a common modern supplier -- functional, but nothing like original (example: engine cover seal). I felt duped because I paid a huge markup and exorbitant shipping costs, against an unfavorable exchange rate, for parts I could have picked up at my local auto body/trim supplier for a fraction of the cost. Not to mention that I have access to better, closer substitutes for the rubber seals and bits! I ordered from (xxx) and paid (a lot) extra because I thought (mistakenly) I was getting the correct, original part. It would be nice of (xxx) to give more detail about certain parts, and clearly state when something is not original,"


Are better replacements easy to find?





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Thanks, Chris.


The website lists a 12335A42, but not a 12335A422, but this has given me plenty to work with.


The engine cover has a thickness of about 3.5mm (9/64").


The original seal contact surface only has one ridge (in addition to the cushioned surface), but I don't see why the two-ridged type can't be used. 




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yeah the additional digit at the end indicates the length (I purchased a 25 ft length)

Lotus used a generic extrusion available at the time; I guess the double ridge is more

popular with consumers.  It does the intended job.



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Thanks, Chris

I ended up buying the DeRoures product. It had a single ridge and looked identical to the original, but it was a pain to fit on the cover and for some reason it jammed up hard against the sidewalls. I guess in time, it will wear in. I think next time I'll be trying the  McMaster product (probably identical and a little bit cheaper).




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