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Alunox 321 SS Manifold for Esprit Turbo Group Buy

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Sorry I'm not sure this is the right place for this post ...

I have put my new Alunox manifold on, but I have a quick question about the wastegate solenoid.

I didn't take a picture before a took it off!

I think the feed from the turbo goes into the single feed on the top, and out from the bottom left to the wastegate.

The right one though, should it be sealed off?

Or have I got it all wrong.

Please help  :help:

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If one were to buy that, how do one get the updated bracket?

And can you get a really nice low p&p to me in Denmark? (Copenhagen).

As I am installing a sportscat pipe etc soon, I might as well do this one in the same time.

Kind regards,


Nobody does it better - than Lotus ;)

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Hi guys,


I am a late comer to this manifold upgrade discussion. I do believe I have an exhaust leak and trying to locate it is a bit of a bear. I am just wondering if your group buy is still in order or do I need to go it alone?


I have a '91 Esprit SE, US model and living in Las Vegas, NV.


Any help and suggestions would be helpful.




702-673-0671 ©

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Hello Everyone,

I'm over here in the American midwest and fit the Alunox manifold on late last year (autumn 2014).

We actually had fairly little trouble getting the thing on. In the shop there happened to be another Lotus engine on a stand; we bolted-up the Alunox to it first just to check fit and whatnot.

This spring I was under the car and noticed that the Alunox support bracket, which has been the topic of much conversation, had snapped off exactly like that other guy who posted a picture. From the sounds of things we may have tightened it up too much during install. I can post a photo if people would like.

I now have in my possession the replacement bracket. However, I've no idea how or where to install it. Does anyone have any sort of guide for this revised bracket?


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  • Gold FFM

Sorry if this may be a little indistinct, but hopefully it shows the bracket. It bolts to the bellhousing, and, obviously, the turbo. Using the bottle screw, make sure it is not under any compression on tension loads following fitting, then tighten the lock nuts.




Hope this helps.


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Margate Exotics.

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  • Gold FFM

I can't comment on that, except to confirm that what I've shown was included in the last Alunox manifold group buy. There were two brackets supplied, one for the turbo, one for the bellhousing and the bottle screw with locknuts. Maybe the sensible thing to do would be to contact the manufacturer?

Margate Exotics.

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These were the parts (blots and nuts not shown) supplied to me by Alunox after the first broken bracket was reported. There was one bracket and two of the turnbuckle things, one of which is again now somewhere in the car. Latest shop could not figure out where the rest of these parts went... Any ideas?

Lotus Esprit 2nd alunox bracket kit.jpg

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