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New tyres

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I have just put a brand new set of Yokohama AD07's on my Elise S2, and thought I would post my experience.


My car is an early S2 from mid 2001.  Until last month it had the original Bridgestone Potenzas which were fitted to the car when new.  Although still legal, I was aware of the need to replace them because of their age but finances have only just allowed me to do this,  Because of this, I have done all four at the same time.


Its fair to say the car wasn't driving quite as well as it did, but with everything you don't notice such things when its done over a period of time (a bit like getting old I guess!).  However, I have been staggered by the difference new rubber has made.  Its like a new car again and I have got back the feeling I first had when I purchased it 11 years ago.


I guess my Bridgestone's must have "gone off" some four years ago, despite still being legal - that's how long I reckon its not been quite as good as it was.  The car still handled OK, but didn't ride the bumps as well as before.  With the new tyres, this is solved, all the magic fluidity is back and it feels so good cornering.  I have even found myself purring with pleasure after a series of corners, its that good!


I would have to say the Yokos are also a better tyre than the BS - certainly I remember some slight understeer from the car which gave me an element of nervousness going into some corners.  That has gone now, it feels about as good as it gets!


If you have an early car with the original Bridgestone tyres and it feels like its lost its fizz, then I would recommend these highly. I appreciate that at £750 supplied and fitted its not cheap, but I can't stress what a difference its made.

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