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Close ratio gearbox

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Nigel there are many different threads in this Evora section which will give you minute detail about bits that fall off but a few key ones from me would be:


Check it has the gear linkage cable upgrade done as big difference made in each car I've owned or driven.

Rear tyres are eaten by the car. Expect about 6-8K only so see what you can do there as part of the deal. A pair of 19's (I assume) OEM via Blackcircles is about £440 a few months ago when I last bought.  Fronts aren't an issue. You will go through 3 sets of rears first. I'm talking normal roads and er 'spirited' driving and no track days.

Check it has the latest software upgrades installed and all the service bulletins have been done.  A lot now for earlier cars.

A pillars gloss plastic covers. Are they chipped or cracked at the top inside corner. I've had a few sets. Also the window rubbers in same area, does it all look tucked in correctly and joined up. Some had a habit of coming out and the noise is like a bad puncture when it happens!

Is it loaded with all the packs?  Makes a big difference depending on what you want to use car for. However most items can be back fitted individually without too much grief. Just £ if you need to pick and choose certain aspects.

Look for water ingress everywhere but partcularly front footwells and the visible alloy may look water marked. Lift boot carpet and look in the GRP slots in the floor for signs. Do the doors drain properly. A spot or two on the flat rear part of door sill on opening after rain says no. There are different inner cards and adjustments to be made but the water will run inwards to rear floor carpets.

Batteries last about 3 years. Has it been changed?

Door trim is rather flimsy particularly on the door pulls.  If the cards have been off much they will be loose. Easy fix.

Do the door lock buttons pop up and down fully.  They frequently stick and don't pop the last few mm of travel leaving you outside. It needs some door internals love and lubrication.

Don't worry if the Alpine ICE if fitted seems confusing and not working.  It is junk anyway. Budget for a replacement.


If you have specific questions then PM me as having had 4 I've seen most issues.

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Check this thread out:-

In addition I'd recommend you check the lacquer on the front headlights (believe its on there to toughen the plastic against stone chips, but that's only because I've read it somewhere on a thread so not qualified) because it can peel... (Bell and Colvill attending to mine!). Also, if fitted make sure the Cruise Control works, my cruise control is the only issue I've had since purchase just under a year ago.

I'd definitely contact the dealer who's serviced it to make sure it's had all the main items like gear cables, door locks, rear light surrounds etc etc carried out. Also as mentioned in the thread have an ECU readout carried out as it gives you confidence that the car hasn't been abused.

My car is a Oct 2010 car and feels better now at 17,000 miles than it ever did. No signs of age and feels tight with no rattles or leaks.

Great cars, good luck ;-)


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Mines a 2010, I bought it three months ago with 24500 miles and it now has 27000. No issues so far! I don't know whether it has the gear change upgrade or not, but the change feels okay to me. You have to be quite deliberate and precise with it but it has quite a nice 'click-click' action to it, almost like it should have a Ferrari style open gate.

I looked at three at a Lotus dealer, and two of them had the lacquer peeling on the lights, so this seems a common problem. They were both waiting to be changed under warranty, but were on back order.

The interior quality seems fine on mine, no squueks or rattles. It's only let down by the door pulls, which are cheap, nasty plastic which is coming apart. The handles on the 2013 car I looked at were far better, so I'll probably get them upgraded.

Rear seats seem worth a premium, and the more packs the better, but it's only the Sports Pack which is probably essential.

Mine has the original Alpine unit which gets a lot of stick, but once you've learned your way around it it's okay! Bluetooth seedms a bit hit and miss and sometimes the satnav loses it's sense of direction, but a reset cures both problems! I'm no audiophile, but it actually sounds okay.

I absolutely adore my car :)

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Key point is you can upgrade most of the later improvements as long as the basics have been settled. Important are the gearchange cables (which were never part of a recall, but should have been) and I would ditch the Alpine.


Other than that the Evora is like a good wine, it gets better and better with age (if cared for by its owner).

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