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Cannonball Esprit S1


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Watching the TV programme with Idris Elba (king of Speed on BBC2) they interviewed the son of the originator of the Cannonball Run.


He took Idris to meet some guys who raced in the original Cannonball Run and they raced in a blue Esprit S1 - they showed a photo of it.

Dave - 2000 Sport 350
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He nice,


I own this car! Been in contact with the original owner/cannonball

participant, John Harrison great guy!

It is in Holland at the moment, and in a bad state.

Car is currently white with a very bad black/red interior.

I am going to restore the car to new condition.

How can i see this programme?



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Hi Cor


You need to view it on the BBC iPlayer - this is the link


However it won't (probably) work unless you are in the UK - You can do this using a proxy/vpn server. There are free ones out there, but as I've never had a need to have a UK proxy, so I don't know which of these work.


I use when I want to watch BBC World, which strangely enough you can only view if you are not in the UK, and I know they have UK servers, but you will have to pay for this service to guarantee it.



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Hi Cor,


Nice to meet you here again on this forum,

I thought you have a white S1 but its a Blue one?


Greetings Bauke

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My son hooked me up on a proxi server to watch the show. Idris was incredibly nice and down to earth. I want thank everyone involved for great time.



An original from the Cannonball run! 


any interesting stories to tell??

Dave - 2000 Sport 350
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Get typing John :D

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Evora NA

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 Hi John,  and welcome to TLF!   :)



I really enjoyed reading your stories that you had posted to the other Lotus forum about a year or two ago -- wish those pages were still there . . .


I was a kid when the Cannonball turned from a legend into a movie, and was thrilled to find out years later that a couple of Esprits (my favorite car) participated.   I'm one of those people whose enthusiasm for cars was greatly influenced by that movie and the real events it was based on.


I saved the pictures you posted to the other Lotus forum of your Esprit and the white one . . . I'll try to dig them up and post them here . . .


Cheers, and thanks for joining our forum,


Tony K.

Tony K. :)


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Esprit S2.2  #324J

1983 Turbo Esprit, Investor Edition #03

1991 Esprit SE

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Welcome to TLF John. :welcome:


I remember watching Cannonball Run at the movies. They have run a sister event to that here in Oz, but I don't think it has been kept going (not sure) after the unfortunate crash of a Japanese team years ago.

All we know is that when they stop making this, we will be properly, properly sad.Jeremy Clarkson on the Esprit.

Opinions are like armpits. Everyone has them, some just stink more than others.

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Michael, you could do your own from Feb...


Outback speed limits will be abolished on a 200 kilometre stretch of the Stuart Highway as part of a 12 month trial that starts in February 2014. 

Northern Territory transport minister Peter Styles says the outback drive between Alice Springs and Barrow Creek was an ideal place for the trial.  

“The Territory has a unique road network with a low traffic volume and this section of road has been identified as an appropriate trial section,” he says. “In the ten years between 2001-2011 there wasn’t any speed related fatalities on this stretch of road.”



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