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S2.2 Hazard Switch wanted


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Hi all,

I need an S2.2 Hazard warning light switch for my Elite, even a broken one might help as it is a small bit of white plastic inside the rocker that has snapped.

It's the same as an Esprit, TR7 or Classic Range Rover toggle switch.

Any help appreciated.

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I think the Éclat/Excel one is the same, If it has the central dash panel.

I also need the fan knob as mine is missing, below is  a picture of one similar to mine (but much nicer!)

I could pay with Paypal if you PM me the details


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its not a long shot Guy, it is the switch from the Princess and certain TR7's (I think early type, but may have got that the wrong way round).


Entire switch binnacles pop up on ebay for TR7's every now and then which are worth picking up as a complete set of spares.

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Any news on the switch John?

I have joined the Leyland Ambassador/Princess forum !!

I will explain that the hazard warning switch is used on a regular basis with a Lotus and therefore wears out quick than even one fitted to a British Leyland car!

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i found tr7 and early esprit look the same but dont have correct no of pins ie 6 instead of 7,after years vof searching i got correct one from range rover of 79 era on flea bay had to buy set of switches from drivers door but cheap,original switch if you can get it is about £60,i have lots of rocker switches left if you want plastic bit that wears out but will need picy as they vary,yhis info is from memory but it is pin layout thats critical

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Colin, unfortunately this has been out of stock with rimmers for some time.

John, the switch is a 7 pin type and has a shaped white plastic insert inside specific to the hazard switch, which is very prone to snapping (thanks TVR wedge forum!)

I may try and make a replacement part out of mica circuit board if I cant get one.

Lucas part number is 182sa (style) 34158a

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Well done very rare ,I got one years ago of a Range Rover ,I think it was one of 4 switches on top of door card,the plastic bit on that broke like yours,it was hardly used,I was checking it worked for mot when it failed

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