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Alloy Motorsport Radiator Set For Esprit Turbo & V8 by Alunox

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A clear moulded Esprit, just to show off the greasy bits. Would be quite the show piece.

I recall a rolling chassis at donnington a few years back, was quite a pleasure to look at. Think it was the PNM 300 Sport IIRC

Was walking past that exact car at Brands this month without realising what it was but recall me saying that it didn't look great at all. Shame.

Chunky Lover

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There was a transparent 340r, called the Lotus Expose...


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Evora NA

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Can I ask which fans you use, and eventually offer to buy along with the set? As I understood it, they should be the weatherproof type to survuve the harsh environment under there.

 I mean the three main fans, not eh oil cooler fans.

Secondly, can you post a few pics of the cutting and instalation of the oil cooler ducts, please?

Kind regards,


Nobody does it better - than Lotus ;)

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Hi Jacques, here's a shot of the rads, highlighting in red where I had to cut the ducting to allow for the bigger oil coolers. I used Spal fans on the oil coolers


I did use a cheeper brand on the main rad they were only about £20 each , I can find the model if you want. They were a the push pull type, they have performed well under the conditions for the last 2 years.

I will ask Leon about shipping.


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Hello Mark, and everyone else,

Thanks for the answer. I called Alunox just a moment ago and asked them about a set for me, as I am not sure, if everyone on the list will be active still?

Anyway, he told me someting interesting:

- They will stop making this kit very soon, as in now.

- They supply the fans. At least he said so.

- a Group of 5 would be 1800 gbp.

- a Group buy of the original many (?) would be 1200 gbp.

- a one off set wil be 2700 Gbp!!!

- inlet and outlet of the oil coolers are placed as the original ones.

- only slight cutting in an oil cooler air duct to adapt for the bigger size.

- no cutting or modding to the car.

- each complete set will be sent directly to the buyer, various places in the World.


He also said, he'll get a new quote and get back to you. Then we can talk here.


So, for me to be interested, I want to know:

- does the Price of 1200 cover how many buyers?

- does the Price of 1800 include everything incl. fans?

- how fast can it be made? I need it now, not in two months, as my coolers died yesterday, so I am pretty desperate.


Guys: here's your last chance to get a super duper set of everything better, the coolers, the fans, the frame, the brackets, the fittings, some hoses, adapters for going from their bigger size to normal size Water hoses etc. higher capacity, better working, better quality, and better cooling and hopefully much longer lasting. Well, at least some parts.

All in all, a better offer might not be up again for the next many years. I have been too late for the Lotus factory outlets and many other sweet deals, so I better not miss this one, and get it now, as they will stop making it.

I think it's steep, but if it includes everything and it's a last chance, I am jumping the wagon and commit myself after the answers, as I need a set NOW.

So, the more people, the cheaper!

So basically, just reverse your Esprit over your Money saving pig, and get this stuff asap ;) It's a very good chance.

ps: I am not affiliated with the company in any way, shape or form. I don't get extra savings, discount or anything else. I just want the best solution available, and it's running out now. And I need the kit bolted on my Little Red Riding Hood before Sparky and his "gang" gets here in June for the beltfest, and leave Tuborg dried out   ;););)  Come on Guys, let's do this once and for all, and as soon as we've paid, it's forgotten, and we can enjoy the super solution underneath our Esprits ;) At least I will.

Please let me hear what you all think???

Kind regards,


Nobody does it better - than Lotus ;)

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I would crawl over broken glass for this set, that doesn't fill the piggy bank though.

It's just one of those things Jacques, when you need it you need it, when you don't....... it is not pocket change!

When my radiator bursts next month you can say "I told you so!" ;)

In the garage no-one can hear you scream 

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How many of us are signed up so far? Just so there's an idea of pricing. Clearly, it would be good if more of us sign up, but at the moment, whilst the pack is desirable, it is very expensive.

Oh, and my car turned my money-pig into sausages, ordered a shedload of beer, and had a big barbecue with all its mates.

Margate Exotics.

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okay, sign me in for  a set, then.

Maybe that will get the Esprit drivers out of the wardrobe, if we are more, then price is cheaper. And I repeat: when I spoke to Alunox just some days ago, they said that they will stop making this set, because there are not enough interest = sale.

It would appear then that we are at least 5.

I need my set real soon, or I will have to spend even more money on say two new oil coolers from Lotus as a temporary repair...

Mark: I started on my perfectly working Esprit SE, by wanting to clean the coolant system, then flushed it a few times, then decided that I'd better take off all cooles and clean them propperly, and then problems began. Result so far: two dead oil coolers, and a lot of fittings. Only today I managed to finally get the two deceased oil coolers off.

I am planning to tour around Europe looking for good roads next year. Now that Topgear is dead, I'd better do it myself ;)  and I need my Eprit to be as reliable as can be. This will surely better it.

Transfagarashan, Transalpina and Stelvio are on my list for sure. The first two are not open very often, so I have arranged for some local friends to keep an eye out for when they open these passes. I have also arranged a trip in two weeks to get there in a hired car to scout on these passes, so I can prepare propperly. I travel light.

Kind regards,


Nobody does it better - than Lotus ;)

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I am tempted at £1200 but at £1800 it is a real stretch for a nice to have item. Fingers crossed you get a few more interested. I haven't been on the forum for a while so I nearly missed this completely.



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