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may be the chance :D for an Essex Dreamer......see to day :D

"Aut tace aut loquere meliora silentio" Salvator Rosa when 25 years old National Gallery London

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The Essex is so rare .

I think she is like an well known artist "hand made sculpture" the artist was Bruce Colin Chapman.

It is possible that in the futur Esprit will be collectable because she is the dream of Bruce Colin Chapman became reality. And B.C. Chapman is an Artist in F1 and sports car unique in the second part of the 20 centuries and Esprit was his own cr

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'She' ?? its a 25+ year old 'kit car' Esprit. Maybe a generous offer would be 8k - if you really want it. But that would be way too much, about 6k might sounds right... I'm sure there is a hell of a load of work to do on it to get it absolutely right........ which will cost an arm and a leg... For the current price it would need to be brand new and perfect... A Lotus will never be a Ferrari..

The current asking price is in dream world....

Mr Chapman? was he ever into road cars? I doubt it very much. No at best, the road cars just helped get him the money to go racing. Mr Chapman I think only ever wanted to go racing..... (no disrespect intended)...



the problem could be that there is more soul in Lotus than anywhere in world of F1 and sport cars builders (except in gt builders with AML and Le Mans 24 hrs race) and it is difficult to admit that marketing wave of some of them is not reality.


"Aut tace aut loquere meliora silentio" Salvator Rosa when 25 years old National Gallery London

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there is more soul in Lotus than anywhere in world of F1 and sport cars builders

Yes, there should be plenty of "soul" in a Lotus. To my mind the original Elan, Europa and Esprit are perfect examples and show what a Lotus stands for. Some of the other cars have proved a dead end including Elite/Eclat, Carlton and Elan mk2. Elise, designed and built on a shoe-string budget, re-captured the magic and in my opinion the 111R is one of the best sports cars ever built. My concern now is that Lotus is embarking on a new model program which is yet again diverging from the soul of Lotus and they will pay the price in the showroom.

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if I was after am Esprit as a road car that's what I'd have or a last line V8 SE, S300 or a GT3. what a honey - if I was in the market I'd go and have a look - I wouldn't offer asking but it's clear the car may be timewarp condition following the restoration.. lovely.


but perhaps not as sweet as the Loti.. B) :lol:


LOTUS 24 P1 (1962)

This is a unique and historically significant racing car. Combining the names of the two leading British Grand Prix constructors of the 1960's and offering some seriously significant history to its new owner. This chassis was raced by such illustrious drivers as Tim Parnell, Masten Gregory, Roger Ward, Chris Amon and, mostly, Peter Revson.

When the Formula for Grand Prix racing was changed from 2.5 litres to 1.5 litres, the British teams were, essentially, caught on the hop. Where Ferrari had a ready made V6 engine in place, the British teams, aside from BRM, were relying upon the Coventry Climax concern to come up with a long promissed V8. Shortly before the season this failed to materialise and the British teams, Lotus, Cooper, BRP et al were forced to look elsewhere for their power. Lotus went to BRM, who had already developed a V8 engine of the correct capacity and mated it to their "semi" monocoque 24. The 24 series ran to five BRM engined cars, for customers, and a number of Climax versions, when the Coventry Climax engine finally became available.

This car has been raced in at least 9 World Championship events, and numerous non-championship races, finishing as high up the order as 4th. The car was given Lola Mk4 body work before the 1964 season; presumably to mark it out from the other Lotus 24's which proliferated that year.

This car is in a ready to race state, needing only the usual checks on levels and tyres etc. before venturing out onto the race track. It was an experiment by Tim Parnell - then still with his Father at Reg Parnell Racing, to see if the handling of the Lotus chassis could be mated to the power of the BRM engine - this being in the time-period when the British constructors were still trying to come up with a match for the Ferrari 1.5 litre V6 which had taken Phil Hill to the championship in 1961. BRM looked the best bet, having powered Graham Hill to the next year's title in 1962. The marriage was not, perhaps, the most successful one, but the car did give Peter Revson some notable drives, and Masten Gregory some solid, if unspectacular appearances in the twilight of his single seater career, indeed his 11th at Silverstone in 1963 may well have been his last World Championship event finish.

This car, being unique, has many attractions. It is linked with many famous names and would be a natural invitee to events such as Goodwood and Monaco. It also, by nature of its links with Gregory and Revson, would be a most welcome addition to grids at venues in North America such a Laguna Seca, indeed the car was raced at both Mexico City and Watkins Glen in 1963 and, despite double retirements with gear-box maladies; it was still there and featured.

The new owner must consider the fitting of a 1.5 litre V8 engine, as the car is currently running to Intercontinental specification with a 2 litre engine and race organisers at Goodwood, Monaco and the HGPCA are moving towards all 1.5 grids.

In short, a great car, with fascinating history; a wealth of period references and a 'blue chip' invitation pedigree today.

For further information about the Lotus 24P1 (1962), simply complete the online enquiry form or phone us on 01274 659336.


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It's alive.. alive!!!..


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