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Esprit Picture & Video Thread


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1 hour ago, Lotusfab said:

When the exhaust is fitted it will be bettter!

The exhaust is there. Tough to see but there are dark tailpipes. I’d say there are boot floor mods to accommodate.

edit; I don’t like it. 

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Not to everyones taste style wise, but coil packs fitted and what looks like a very intresting and well put together lotus four pot,   would love to know what reliable safe figures they got out of it on a rolling road.  

Ian plunge pool at the front is the gt40 set up,  alloy rad and twin fans,  Early G cars are extremely light on the front end at top speed, the front starts to hover lol,  not a nice looking mod, but i am sure a great aid to top end stability :)

That st Tropez posted by Neil,  must of been left on axle stands for a good while with the wheels unsupported as its sitting higher than a 4x4,   Made it probably a lot easier for someone to get off the trailer though :thumbup:


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Those are some ghastly results of tinkering with the masterful work of GG and the ACBC team, absent a measure of sense of what was achieved in the first place. Want Ferrari taillights buy a Ferrari. Want a Lola T70 buy one. There's plenty of fertile soil to till when it comes to tidying up the trim aesthetics on early Esprit's but I've yet to see any major mod improve the beauty of the car in the least. That's a most charitable statement, by the way. Ferkin travesties is more on the nose.

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