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Esprit Picture & Video Thread


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1 hour ago, JazzyO said:

Someone spotted me last week and took this nice shot.



Very, very nice spot......!

Oh boy, what do I miss my Esprit.........I should have never sold it.......

Besides.......I myself was never pictured, because the SE was to much in the garage.......shit.

All those painful pictures.....wil this ever end?

Congrats for Onno with this beauty.......!! 

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5 hours ago, LOTUSMAN33 said:

What’s the story with the bond plate on the S3 Fabian, I see that’s how it’s registered online as a 81 Blue Esprit?

Dave :) 

Apparently it was always on the car. Very strange how that came to happen and have not had an explanation yet?? 

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Just seems amazing Lotus applied the bond car plate to one of their other cars when they retained and used the bond car for promotional work. When I did research on the M100 initial builds and development cars there were many instances where plates were used between cars.
Recently talking to a chap called Ken who worked for Lotus in the development department during the Essex build he said the plates were switched between cars as only so many were registered and insured at the time.
Still odd to see the bond car plate registered to a S3, I was at COYs Silverstone in July 98 when they sold the bond cars off to Peter Nelson, I don’t recall the mention of one being unregistered without logbook although I may have missed it. Mind there were lots of development cars sold off and that S3 may have been one of them.

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Do or do not, there is no try! 


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In Jeremy Walton´s first Esprit book from the early 1980s it is mentioned that the OPW 654W plate was used on Don McLauchlan´s company car                                                                    (together with a red "burglar protected" triangular sticker ) and the OPW 678W plate was used on a "blue engineering S3" which very likely must be that car.

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I was there too in an Elise. Great turn out with some lovely Lotus including the above and amongst others a rather wonderful Evora 410 in purple (UV 10TUS)

Probably a tad too hot for skiing Fab?

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