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Esprit Picture & Video Thread

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(Photo by Peter Gunnars)

Hey everyone, Here are some pictures of my Esprit from tonights classic car meet in Earls Barton Northampton... was great to see a couple of other lovely Esprits too, Robington's black one and Pa

The Manor House Hotel in Castle Combe. The four of us, plus better halves, have been going to Castle Combe each year for 20 years but this was the first time we'd stayed at the Manor. 

Posted Images

Nice movie, and I agree with you 100%. It's so boring when someone in a box is deliberately driving (or lack there of) 10 mph. No need to, just because they can. It's not about driving like a maniac, but being resonable, also when slow.

Kind regards,


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Nobody does it better - than Lotus ;)

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Always hankered after a JPS...

there was one for sale in Lincoln around '91, just before I was really in the market, and after much research ended up with my S3 n/a.

oh, for the resources of the web back then, but at that time, all the comics advocated " definitely go for the later chassis setup on the TE or S3".

Hey ho.

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Quickest Esprit I've seen anyway.....:P

Guess who started the film on the wrong setting - oh well get it right next time. That's what happens when you can't see the screen as it's in reverse to film:blush:


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1 minute ago, PhilW said:

Not driven every year I think!


Here is a list with millage at the time for MOT

870603 10 mil
891029 435 mil
901010 972 mil
910917 1245 mil
921229 1570 mil
931115 1799 mil
950426 2185 mil
960326 2375 mil
970124 2630 mil
980522 2659 mil
990526 2661 mil
010118 2694 mil
020626 2783 mil
040610 3102 mil
050705 3105 mil
060517 3172 mil
101013 3248 mil
130903 3267 mil
140902 3388 mil
170421 3392 mil

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7 minutes ago, PhilW said:



Speedo says 33925.  That 5 makes a big difference!


Sorry :-( i mean 3392 mil (not miles)

9 minutes ago, 910Esprit said:

Curious that your account details say Turbo?   Nice car BTW!

I also have a Turbo Esprit from 1983


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