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Esprit Picture & Video Thread


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This is the screen that was fitted when I bought the car, I think it may have a slight green tint, but not sure. It's just as well there's no smoked top, as I sit so high in the car I wouldn't be able to see.

That bloody sticker drives me crazy, I hate anything stuck in the windscreen. Sadly, the wife likes it and says it has to stay, so I'm working on a gradual removal plan.

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Margate Exotics.

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The top smoked part basically covers only the roof thickness so I suspect it's more to hide it from the exterior than really shade any sun for the eyes.

(I think it was optional but I am not sure, I think I read it in a price list ... but could have imagined that as well :D)

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1 hour ago, Chillidoggy said:

I'm working on a gradual removal plan.

She'll take you for everything you have.

British Fart to Florida, Nude to New York, Dunce to Denmark, Numpty to Newfoundland.  And Shitfaced Silly Sod to Sweden.

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When i see pictures like that I am so tempted to look for an S4S but know I would regret selling my G cars.  maybe should just get a 3rd.  That really looks lovely  Ian.

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