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Right then better start my '77 S1 project...

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Just a quick update, seeing as I am waiting for my new exhaust cans to arrive I turned my attention to the exterior of the car this weekend. My last post saw the restoration of the front bumper and today I've been attempting to correct the paint as best I can. And I have to say with a simple and very cheap polisher, cutting compound and hours of buffing we now have shine, how cool is that! I always knew the the paint on this car was ok, just was starting to go a bit flat and milky in places, but as you can see, there's more than enough life left in it.






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those look lethal ! :smoke:

Is the cutting compound straight forward to use ?  I've got some dull paintwork in a few areas on my alfa and looking to spruce it up a bit

Vin Taylor

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Yes, it's easy to use but you need a a clean bonnet, and they go hard after a while so get at least two or three to hand. If I were you I would start with T-Cut to see if that brings up paint first, if not then try a medium cutting compound. I'm no paint expert but this method has worked for me to date. Also I splash a few drops of water on the paste just to help it slide a bit easier. You need loads of dry clean cloth as well, the best thing I have used so far is winceyette sheet, it's soft dry and absorbent. 

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If it is alfa red thats turned pink, cutting compound wont work.


the paint used on red alfa's of the late 80's early 90's just goes's not oxidation, its like the pigment fades in the sun. I was a member for about 8 years.



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Couldn't get much done yesterday due to the bloody rain other than carry on mopping the bonnet and now I think the paint is really starting to pop! Front and rear bumpers repainted in stonechip (love that stuff) and after lunch I hope to refit at least the front with lights and lenses. All in all, got what I wanted to do this weekend, hopefully the new exhaust tips will arrive next week and I'll aim to at least make a start on that mini project. All the best Charlie ;-)








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Stress cracks in my front bumper always eventually came back no matter what I tried, it'll be interesting to see if the stuff you've chosen to use prevents that.

Also, as the interior was leather, but just the wrong colour...did you consider dye, or leather paint?

I did a mini once and it was perfect, after all, there's no such thing as a green cow, so it must all just be dyed anyway.

Are you using any other silencing on the exhaust, a centre box?, 'cause those cherry bombs are straight through and will attract all sorts of attention if used on their own, especially with a high revving engine. I use them, in the middle, but with rather better ones at the rear, and even with a lower revving engine than yours, it's still a bit on the loud side.

All good fun though. Are you keeping a log of money spent?

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Regarding the stress cracks, I've scrapped and groved each crack and then drilled a hole at the end of the worse ones, then filled it with Upol P40 glass fiber bridging compound, that stuff is blood y strong when used correctly.

The interior makes me feel sick and will be changed for original or re-covered, leather or not whoever did it before had hams for fists it's all saggy and the colour combo, really?!

Money, now I should be keeping a file but I lost count long ago! However I know I'm hovering around where I need to be, last big expense will indeed be the interior and I'm on budget. I know I spent a couple of humdred quid on mistakes but that happens.

Exhausts - I want to make an entrance, cherry bombs, nuff said.

It is all good fun and I'm loving every minute even if I did just nearly knock myself out hitting my bonce on those bloody bikes in the garage!! Cheers, Charlie :-)

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I've had ago at the final exhaust bends today and to my surprise they did not give me too much trouble. I tried to save the flange on the first pipe but this is going to be a tad too long so I will need to cut and weld the sections. Yoy can see from the photos I need to create a simple 'S' bend which will clamp either ends hence allowing a little bit of play to position the tip perfectly in line with the rear bumper. As soon as these bends are on and bolted in place there is nothing stopping the car being ready for testing, light at the end of the tunnel!




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If you ignore the masking tape, here you get the idea of the final piece I need to finish the exhaust. Just need to cut and weld these two custom pieces and slot the in. I've tried to keep the entire system as close to the chassis as possible.



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Just completed the right side S-bend exhaust to back box piece, out of two pieces cut and welded. And after measuring a trillion times, loads of cutting and filling and trial fitting this bend now fits as if it was made to be. Just got the other side to do now and we are on to phase 1 testing.




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Finished the exhaust and boy does it sound good! Now onto a series of testing, the car rolls at this height but very low, may have to come up at an inch to drive.

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Thanks chaps, still to do list... loads of teething issues, leaking PAS, cam covers leaking oil all over the bloody place, some window trim needs replacing, I think the cherry bombs will be painted black, and then that repulsive interior needs to be replaced or recovered. I could get the car driving very soon, but to complete it to a finish I reckon another 6 months, I'm in no rush and I want the interior to 'pop' just like the exterior. "Pretty car"... Cheers Charlie ;-)

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Other cars are;

An airride VW beetle and a hard slammed VW Karmann Ghia.

I started out in the VDub scene but after two cars that scene wasn't for me, they have a kinda underlying voice that thinks VW is the only marque on the face of the plsnet and that everything else is 'pony and trap'... that's cockney, look it up in google.

70's Lotuses fit perfectly on my shoulders now, no body rust to deal with, loads of interchangable parts with other British cars of the period and dare I say it simple mechsnics, I.e. you can fix them with a basic tool kit. Plus the age group here seems to be less juvenile and there are lots of people on here with great Lotus knoweldge. The Elite for me is currently the most unusual Retro 70's Lotus out there and was crying out for a slight visual treat. "Typical, I've only been out for five minutes and I'm already in a hot car!". Charlie ;-)

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