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Tech 1/Espritmon Question

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I am dealing with a difficult-to-diagnose CEL – specifically code 26B, I am in possession of a Tech 1 as well as both Freescan and Espritmon. I have a question I hope someone can answer regarding using Tech 1 and/or Espritmon and the quad drivers.

Both Tech 1 and Espritmon have the capacity to fire the relays by software command. I have been able to trigger some of the relays pertinent to code 26B (the AC control relay, RPM relay, Engineicon1.png Overheat relay, Solenoid change-over relay). I have also been able to trigger the secondary injectors and verify they are firing using both Tech 1 and Espritmon. I can confirm that the AC control relay is firing and the solenoid change-over relay is as well. I have just had my finger on them and I can feel them fire when commanded to do so by the software.

The RPM relay is supposed to be active only at RPM above 1500. So, when the car is idling (it currently idles at around 1150) should I expect the RPM relay to fire when commanded by Tech 1 (or Espritmon) even if the idle is below 1500? Or does the car have to be turning more than 1500 rpm for the software to trigger the relay?

Also, is a similar condition imposed on the engine overheat relay circuit? Will it fire upon software command any time it is activated by Tech 1 or does the car have to be at a certain temperature for the relay to respond?

Any help and further advice, especially on the functions of the RPM relay circuit and the engine overheat circuit would be greatly appreciated! I have really run into a stone wall on trying to figure out what is triggering the CEL. The car appears to run fine – at least in the shop – I have not yet taken it out on the road but it starts immediately, idles strong, and responds well to the throttle. All the other parameters by all three software applications are normal.

This is Artie Baldwin’s former Esprit which is an 1989 turbo which he converted to an SE by adding the chargecooler and the secondary injectors.
Tom Mieczkowski
1989 Turbo Esprit

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ALDL Mode 4 circuit activation requests are independent of any conditions required for the circuit activation during normal running. 

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The Tech 1 was very nice to use since the troubleshooting protocol is written specifically for that tool. I do think that you could do the same with Espritmon though. The really useful aspect for either tool is the ability to determine whether it's 26a or 26b and to be able to test activate the relays.

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