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Maybe it's an American thing because, at least in NYC back in the day, IROCs were derided and said to stand for Idiot Retards Out Cruising, so I loved the reference in this clip a friend just sent me:

1983 "Investor's Special Edition" Turbo Esprit (#43/50) | 2012 Evora S

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A little known government social program in the USA from 1985-88 had the Reagan administration issuing IROC's to any musclehead, jock, lifeguard, or shoremonger in PA, NJ, and NY. I was never awarded one.


27 years time has revealed, compared to what else was available in the USA at the time, the IROC wasn't all that bad. I kinda like them now.

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No real good reason for this--maybe because I was obsessed with '77 Trans Ams due to Smokey & the Bandit--but all my buds and I felt there was a line you had to be on one side or the other of...Firebird or Camaro...and I've always thought the former was way cooler. Before they made both of them look like non-descript garbage, that is.

1983 "Investor's Special Edition" Turbo Esprit (#43/50) | 2012 Evora S

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