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Headlamps on my 89 Excel SE

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Just curious. First position is side lihghts. Second the headlamps come up and I have main beam and dip. Third position I seem to have brighter main beams but when I operate the dip switch the dips go on but the main beams stay on. Consequently, I use the second position at all times so as not to dazzle oncoming traffic. Is this lighting normal or do I have a fault?

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You should have:


Off but pods up

Parking lamps / dim-dip when engine running

main// dipped beam



I'd guess at either a faulty switch or incorrect relay

They are wired with a relay which operates the main/ dip beam power circuit on the final position, then  another relay which should switch from dip/ main. The switch can also engage both high and low simultaneously when you're set for low beam but pull the stalk so as to cause high to be on temporarily.

The other option is that somebody has put an incorrect relay in , putting one with two of the same output rather than a change-over type.

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Andy: there were differences in the models when they are bound for other countries than the domestic ;)

The scenario of Rogers seem to me as a ROW model. And this how I just wanted them on my car :)

Roger: how is the fuse and relay layout on your car in the left footwell?

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Ah, forgot about the antipodean factor. Just looked at the manual, according to it, the difference is the lack of dim-dip module, so that simply means position 3 is just parking lamps and rear lamps, but other than that it appears the same.


Roger, with the stalk pushed away from you, which lamps are on, high, low or both?

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