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newbe - anyone looked at this esprit turbo


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Hello guys,


Ive just registered here as im going to be on the lookout for an Esprit turbo in a few months or so.


I see this one has been for sale for a bit - has anyone from here gone to have a look at it? if so id be interested in the feedback.




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It has been for sale for quite a long time.

I think Hopo and possibly Trevor have been to look at it, or at least said that they were thinking of looking at it.

When it was first for sale it looked relatively expensive but as prices have risen in the last 18 months or so it now looks 'about right'

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Welcome to the site Chris. Please feel free to contribute wherever you want.


Please pop over to the "Introductions" section and say hi properly. Tell us about yourself. It'll also spread the word of what you are looking for.


Anything you need please ask a Mod. We're here to help!


P.S. Don 't know that car but price is about right in todays market.

Possibly save your life. Check out this website.


Distributor for 'Every Male' grooming products. (Discounts for any TLF members hairier than I am!)

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If it has a full history with plenty of big receipts and comes with a good warranty, I'd go in with a cheeky offer.  The red decals and wheels look a bit odd, you can find nicer ones and sort the wheels out, like this:




Or this:



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Yes I had a casual look at it a while back. As said the red wheels don't do it any favours although I assume the red decals are factory and I don't mind them at all. It looks pretty good I think and was thinking of putting an offer in myself but haven't bothered as yet. Can't comment on it further than that really as I didn't look at it with a view to purchase at the time.


I'll get around to it at some point.

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I think this car looks great, there was a magazine feature with this actual car vs a Ferrari they have in stock if I remember right? I read it in a barber shop whilst waiting but didn't have the heart to steal it, I'll do some googling to see if I can find it but I'm sure if you phone the garage they could direct you to it.

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I like that car and its looks.


Now,Giugiaro Esprits are honest cars. To make your mind up , you should visit it , start it from cold, drive it and it will reveal most there is to know before a purchase.

Lots of receipts just don't do it for me and low mileage even less (never a good sign)


If the car starts up from cold, it should have a stable idle after a minute or so. Look if the oilpressure builds up directly afteryou started.


First try all the electrics. Headlights up and down, electric mirrors and windows, wipers,heating and look if all the gauges are in working order.


You can feel the clutch and braking, easily. Beware if you have trouble getting in al the gears. It may be the linkage, wich can be fixed, but it better not be a gearbox in bad shape. But it wil tell you while driving.

The car should take up from idle to +5000rpm without hesitation. If it does, ignition and carbs are fine and in tune.

watch the turbo pressure build up.

After a drive, look at the engine again. Is it dry, no leaks at the camcovers?

Try to feel at the underside of the carbs... no leaks (fire risk)


Now a receipt is very helpfull to determine the last beltchange.If there is no history there, change it. Never take risks on that one.The belt is not expensive, the job is , unless you can do it yourself.


If the garage is very willing and you show enough interest, take out the 4 sparkplugs and look at them (after you have driven the car). They tell you a lot about your engine. They should be grey brownish. Not black or sooted (to rich or oil burning) and not white (to lean). And with the sparkplugs out, it takes 15minutes to do a compression check. The values of all 4 cilinder should be in the same order.


After that, you will know what you are buying.


Good luck



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I went to look at this one before Christmas. I am not mechanically minded, but it looked a bit tired to me. It did not have an MOT so it did not go out. The salesman started it and it sounded lovely. The leather seats were a bit worn (but it is 30 years old, so what would you expect!) the interior trim was a bit jaded and for some reason there was some red material-type tape on the sills that looked like it would take all the paint off when removed. 


I did think that the red interior would be a bit much to sit in for long journeys!


It had plenty of receipts, so it looked like it had been maintained properly


In the end, I decided against that one.

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