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who says cant get bass in an Esprit? Or door speakers in 1994 S$..

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who says cant get bass in an Esprit? Or door speakers in 1994 S$..


Got door speaker part from UMB, same guy doing the Esprit race car in Thailand, $100 for the two of them and only took a week from date shipped to arrive in Dallas!


amp installed! Sound is SOOOOOOOOO much better with the amps powering the system as opposed to the head unit and the Kicker 6.5" free air subs definitely add some low end punch!
Mounted amps at an angle so would be easier to access adjustment knobs... plus think it looks pretty
good too. 
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Hit submit too soon..


- Speakers in dash and behind seats, stock locatons, are all Focal's, don't recall the model numbers.


- Door speakers are Kicker  10CVT651 6 1/2" subwoofers which are made for free air use


- Two 6.5" recessed MDF speaker rings


- Amps are Soundstream PN4.520D (4 channel, 100 watts per at 4 ohms) and Soundstream PN2.350D for the subs (2 channel, 115 watts per at 4 ohms)


Does take a good bit of massaging to the door to install speakers but nothing anyone would ever see unless took door panel/card off. 


I put as much Dynamat in the doors as I could, two 12 inch square pieces in total per door. Door speaker parts are covered in Nova-Suede (identical to Alcantara). I would challenge anyone to be able to tell doors did not come from factory with the speakers in them (unless they knew of course that a 1994 did not).


Would it sound better if had subs in enclosed box? Of course, but DAYUM if this thing doesnt punch now! 

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That looks kickass Kenny!


It really does look like a factory item. The amp install is clean. Good call on the free air speakers, it does not seem that panel is really an enclosure...


My spring list is getting bigger than



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Bored today so thought I'd make a shroud for the amps... Used some sheet metal then covered with some faux carbon fiber sticker roll I had laying around. Was a bitch getting the holes correct and so are a bit off. Have some carpet coming which I will use since it will cover up the gaps.. Really cleans it up IMHO...

Looks better in person..


Next step is to add one of these..





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Almost done...

Remaining items are redoing the trim piece I made for the radar detector then buttoning up console, etc. Looks like arse that part does right now... 

and yeah, moving the HVAC controls down was a BITCH!

And, get to take it back out in a few days, guy I bought the head unit from sent with wrong GPS antenna and the connector doesnt mate up in the back.. :P

WOW! This head unit is SO much better SQ wise than the cheap Sony I had prior..
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Great idea for the placement of the radar detector as well. Which one did you go with? I think it says passport.


It is a Passport, not sure of model. The PO installed, front and rear detectors and laser jammer.. 

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FINISHED! Took the surround ring that came with the Alpine head unit and then bonded to it they piece I made out of 1/4 plexiglas using JB Kwik Weld. Sanded and sanded and sanded then painted...


Pretty pleased with the outcome! I also adjusted after the photo to almost completely eliminate the gap between the HVAC panel and the surround above.





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