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Speedometer replacement suggestions, please.

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8 hours ago, agk said:

Barry, thank you, how is VSS related to fueling, can you elaborate? 

I can only go on my experience of my first fuel injected esprit. I had this error and an issue with the VSS. There was a massively noticeable difference in pick up throttle response and boost once I had replaced this sensor. What I do know is the early cossie stuff used the vss for fueling dependant one vehicle speed - I could be wide of the mark - but my experience with my S was exactly that

Only here once

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Derek, yes, I did all that multiple times. I suppose I have to double check again. 

Barry, I appreciate your info; I doubt though that it's applicable to my S4s which is a much later fuel injected version. BTW, I replaced VSS 9 months ago. 

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Check your right rear wheel bearing. If there is play, that could lead to a bad reading on the VSS. I agree it's unlikely to be the orange wire to the speedo. Just to be sure, dis you tape up the end to avoid it shorting on metal bits behind the dash?



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