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Castle Combe 2014

Rob C

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Castle Combe Race Track

       Every year there is the Club Lotus Track Day and gathering, this year it's on May 24th a Saturday. I've been going since 1985 and only missed it 3 times.


Having been on track in many Lotus cars and  3 of my own. It's a brilliant day out, in the past, one year there was 600 Lotus cars there.


This Year I plan to be back on track for the second time in my toy of 12 years  with my Sport 350, which all being well, will be ready in time as, once again It's been nose to the grind stone during the winter months with more upgrades.


With a lot more than 350 bhp in any gear and a tough 6 speed gearbox it should be fun. ( hint ---- near on 70 mph in 1st gear )


So if any of you are interested getting in is free, track time with Club Lotus it's £95 which is very good value with only 12 cars on track at any time.


In particular I would like to know how many Sport 350's will come out of the wood work !!!

   You can E mail me, the address is on my home page, I never seem to get time to be on the forum these days. always in the garage. tel 07976 609881

[email protected] or 07976 609881

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Always one of the best Saturdays of the year. Only missed 1 in the last 20 years (still haven't forgiven my sister for booking her wedding same day!) I was only looking through some old video last night of Club Lotus Castle Combe events - got some really old VHS video recording I took years ago of lots of Esprits (pre Elise days) - Must get round to transfering and uploading some time.

Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk - that will teach us to keep mouth shut!

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Sounds good and not too far for me.


I'll do my best to make it.


Robs S350+ sounds amazing, I better bring the V6 Cup! 

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That's my 40th, I'll not be going! Someone yesterday mentioned the Mazda's also might be racing like 2 years ago, however I'd hope they'll be nicely tucked away. I'll clarify next time I speak to Alan :)

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Guest surferphil

The Mazda test that coincided with the Lotus day really ruined it for me, they occupied the track stopping Lotus's going out and took up most of the park.  I've not been back since. It would be good if this was confirmed as a Lotus only day.

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Don't worry, it will be a Lotus only day both this year and into the future. I will not allow anyone else to interfere with our day again.


The only reason the Mazda's were allowed on track two years ago was because of a request from their race organiser and also Castle Combe Circuit itself. 


Apparently their practice session had been curtailed because so many MX5's had been falling off (!). As they had a large number of novices entered they wanted them to get at least some experience of Combe before Monday's race. We said 'yes' on the basis that our exclusive Lotus track time would be extended by 30 minutes to 17.30 - which it was - and that the second MX5 session took place after this had finished. 


As our last four ‘Lotus only’ sessions were only around half full I don’t think anyone could reasonably say they were deprived of track time. Nevertheless the point was taken and it’ll not happen again.


We also complained about the paddock being taken over by race cars and Castle Combe promised this would not happen again. Last year we had the paddock to ourselves so they kept their word and I’m sure it’ll be the same this year.


For information and to book your place this year just call the Club Lotus office on 01362 694459 or 691144.



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Been doing this event for over 20years myself and will be there again this year....always fun to do few laps.  I'm also introducing a mate to the track for the first time.  Well overdue given his history of Lotus cars and current Exige!  More of you really should give it a go - guaranteed grin factor.

Loving Lionel and Eleanor......missing Charlie and Sonny

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More info :thumbsup:


Event Date: Saturday, 24 May 2014
Start time: 09:00:00
End time: 17:00:00
Location Details
Location Address: Castle Combe Circuit Castle Combe Chippenham
Contact Name: Jane Woollestone
Contact Phone: 01362 691144 or 01362 694459
Contact Email: [email protected]

Our annual May trackday at Castle Combe is always one of our most enjoyable events of the year. It’s a great Club Lotus day out as well as a very good value and safe Lotus-only trackday. This year it takes place on 24th May.
Those of you who came to Castle Combe last year enjoyed a fantastic day in the sunshine with plenty of track time and no race transporters cluttering up our paddock and display areas. The same is guaranteed for this year as the Castle Combe management have maintained their rules and NO race cars, transporters or motor homes will be allowed in the paddock after 5.00pm on Friday evening. A completely empty paddock solely for our use on Saturday allows us plenty of space for car displays, trade stands and the free club member’s autojumble. Come along to drive, learn, watch, chat, meet friends and have a great day out with lots of Lotus cars and enthusiasts.
Track driving sessions are just £98 which gives you two guaranteed 15 minute sessions on the fast, smooth, flowing 1.9 mile circuit and then as much more track time as you can manage when we go to open pit lane from around 2.00/2.30 pm until the circuit closes at 17.00. Many drivers run out of enthusiasm long before we run out of track time so you’re guaranteed excellent value for money. We only allow 12 cars on the track per session so there’s plenty of room to drive at your own pace. Passengers are free but must be at least 16 years old. Full marshalling and medical facilities are provided by the circuit race staff. Before you can go out you will have to pass the Castle Combe noise test of 100db(A) and remove loose items or make sure they are securely stowed away. Arms and legs must also be covered but race overalls are not required.
To book or for more info see the enclosed insert or just call us on 01362 694459 but PLEASE CALL SOON as we’d hate you to be disappointed. If there’s a group of you who want to go out together that’s no problem and if there’s 12 cars together you can have an exclusive 15 minute session. 
Free professional instruction is available from the resident Castle Combe instructors and crash helmets can be hired free of charge on the day against a fully refundable deposit. Only Lotus cars are allowed on track and whilst there’s obviously no speed limits we insist on good driving standards and behaviour so that everybody can enjoy themselves safely at their own pace. 
There will be plenty of room in the paddock for our regular Historic Lotus display and for all our individual model groups to park together, get the picnic out and enjoy a great day’s entertainment. Castle Combe is in a beautiful part of the country and has first class facilities, the best racetrack restaurant in the UK and plenty of good spectator viewing areas on the high grass banks around the circuit.
During the lunch break we’ll organise our usual track parade of Historic Lotus cars and everyone who arrives in a Lotus will also be invited to take part in our FREE lunchtime parade lap sessions - no helmets are required for these and passengers of all ages are allowed. As usual we’ll also be running fast lap charity rides (over 16’s only) in Elise trophy race cars and some other special Lotus cars in return for a £20 donation to Macmillan Cancer Support.  
We’re also offering FREE autojumble spaces for members so bring your unwanted spares along and make some cash. There’s no need to register but please come along to the Strawford Centre first and we’ll let you know where to set-up in the paddock. Also if you want to buy anything from our Club Shop just pre-order from Club HQ and we’ll bring it down for you to collect and save the postage. 
So come along, join in the fun and enjoy a memorable day out with us at Castle Combe.

For forum issues, please contact the Moderators.

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Anybody else fancy a 9.15am fry up?

Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk - that will teach us to keep mouth shut!

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