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Windscreen Washer

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I still need to buy a workshop manual, My windscreen washer has stopped working can anybody tell me if this is on a fuse on the glove box? something I can check easily or is it connected to the relays behind the headlamp pod as I had pulled them all out and replaced them a few months ago that may be the cause?




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Hi Laurie,

By chance I was investigating my screen washer last night. I assume your wiper is working..


The wiper controls go into a connector which connects to the wiper timer control.  Unplug this connector. On this connector, the green wires going into the top are the power in and the black and green wire is the output to the wash pump. 

You can do a continuity test to check the signal is  being generated correctly.

Mine was not producing a closed circuit so did not need to investigate further. Can't see how I can fix that so I will just buy a new one.


P.S. My wash wiper control is on the left of the steering column.


Good luck,




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The washer pump, mounted to the washer reservoir, gets it's earth from the wiring loom. This earth is then connected to the relay block at the front by the headlamp if you only have ONE earth wire on the washer pump, then the other one has come off!! That happened to me....and I had changed the whole washer reservoir/pump assembly before I found the fault.....When you operated the washer squirty lever, no squirty...but you could hear a relay ticking away. I changed the relays and got no I changed the pump.....once I realised how the earths were wired, I realised that the earth from the loom had broken the pump was trying to earth through the relays and that made the relay tick, but didn't pass enough current to make the squirty squirt.

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Thanks for the replies guys, Molemot that must be my problem i was just down the garage sat in the car now and when i tried to activate it im hearing the relays ticking when i try to squirt it.


Thanks very much back to the garage!

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