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Whats in front of the doors inside?

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OK so the carpet is going in now but I didn't have much to start with to make a pattern so I don't know what fits between the door fronts and the wheel arches. Is it yet another piece of hardboard or millboard that has carpet or alcantara glued to it? It looks like carpet if I check out some picture books but I'm assuming its mounted to something to clear the door wiring? If anyone knows or can enlighten me that would be great



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Hi Paul, now that Ive offered up the rest of the dashboard I can see that I dont have to carpet everything between the door and wheel arch only the bit below all the wiring.


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The carpet runs vertically to fill the area forward of the doors and is glued directly to the metal door mounting post.  There is a hole cut in the carpet and a round plug where the bolt for the door hinge is located.   That vertical "leg" of carpet is 6 or 7 inches wide (basically goes all the to the wheel arch).  There is no board of any sort.  There is jute padding on the wheel arch but not on the "leg" of the sill carpet.    Does this answer your question?   :)

Tony K. :)


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