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in the next few weeks, I hope the esprit will go in for its respray, at a cost of around £3000 for a full colour change and repairs to the cracks in bodywork


over the last few months, its had a major service and a few jobs done, it passed its mot on Monday with only a rear indicator failure, due to damaged wiring,,

next is new suspension, and bushes,, not because I need to, but I would rather them done before it goes to the body shop.


anyone have recommendations on types and suppliers for suspension?

also do 1985 front brake discs fit on an 1981?


lastly,, the major choice to decide on,,


my esprit was originally white from the factory with chocolate brown interior, and overhead Panasonic radio, then sprayed blue in the early 80's and a red interior retrim (dyed)


I have always wanted an Essex, and a bronze coloured esprit, and as a last choice love the look of the white.


leaving it blue, saves costs, as there is no colour change, its almost impossible to find an Essex,  could I live with myself rebadging mine as a fake one??


Bronze colour change would lead to a new interior retrim, as red wouldn't exactly go


and whilst I also love the white,(and back to original factory spec) , I know I would still yearn for the bronze or Essex,


at the moment im probably 60/40 to the bronze/essex


if you had the choice, it would be interesting to hear your comments


1981 Turbo Esprit


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If the red leather is in good condition, and as long as it's not being touted as a real Essex, then an Essex Rep would be cool and least expensive.


However personal choice would be bronze (copper) and tan interior as I don't think the Turbo ever looked better. Mind you the original white/brown is also a lovely combo....


What a horribly wonderful conundrum you have there!

In the garage no-one can hear you scream 

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White for sure. 

Look at Johnny's (The Pits)  Try and re dye the leather back to brown or replace.  If you have compomotives and from memory you have that is then your best option in my opinion

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stick with the blue.... I love that Essex blue with red interior... perfect combo for me. the bronze can look quite flat and ordinary at times and is a bit of an acquired taste! keep it blue!

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Since you have a 1981 turbo and the compomotives and the panasonic and you love an essex (I do to), you just have everything to make an exact replica of you dream. It becomes an exact essex , just not a factory one.

Make your dream come thru. Never listen to comments of others ,who say its a fake. Always be honest about it, not being a factory made essex.

Go for it. They are beautiful


Just my advice



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thanks for the comments guys,, the purist would to be put it back to factory spec,, but then I would always want one of the other two,,

so I know white is now out of the equation,


Hopo, I already have the acquired taste for bronze,, I nearly bought yours remember,

the misses just said,,, well another bronze may come along one day,, but the odds on an Essex?? so go for the Essex replica,, then if a bronze does appear you can buy it for me lol...

are Essex livery decals still available?

1981 Turbo Esprit


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