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Dangerous IPS issues

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Unfortunately I have neverending issues with the IPS gearbox. :help:


The issues started with self-shifting of the gearbox - let me explain in detail:

Normally when driving in "Sportmode" with manually gear-selection the gear shoudn't be changed by the TCU or at least only when the rpm is getting to low.

But for many times I have had situations when the gearbox was shifting itself without any reason, although the gearchanges never have been succesful, that means within 1-2 seconds the gear changed from e.g. the 4th to the 3rd and again back to the 4th. This process was usually followed by a scratching noise coming out of the gearbox and a tactile vibration.

All my attempts to provoke this situations failed and therefore it was very difficult for me to explain this behaviour to the Lotus dealership.


But last year in summer I had a really DANGEROUS SITUATION for the first time:
Driving on the motorway at 150km/h in "Sportmode" with pre-selected 6th gear the transmission shifted itself from 6 to 3 in one step.
I was terrified very much because the abrupt „braking“ was pushing me in front.
If this had happened on a wet an curvy road this could have had devasting consequences ...
I had to cancel my trip – the gearbox stuck in 3rd gear – and the car had to be moved by a towing company to the next Lotus dealer.
The error log had stored a fault with a hydraulic control valve,
indications lights for MIL, DPM, GEARBOX and WRENCHSYMBOL were all on.
After some visits at my Lotus dealership a Lotus field engineer had a look at the car and (only) updated the TCU/ECU firmware.


Nearly 2000km perfect   AND  !!!!!!!

I was very happy to drive a firmware-updated IPS-gearbox as it should have been from the begining on when I suddenly had a déjà vu. The gearbox was again shifting itself on the motorway, fortunately this time from the 6th "only" to the 5th gear. In addition I managed to capture this situation on video (see

Another visit of my dealership to check the fault codes, some wirings and connectors was due.

This is the information stored in the TCU:

1 - TPMS - 0 Faults Read
2 - SRS - B1091 - Warning Lamp Fault - Sporadic
3 - SRS - B1092 - Passenger Airbag Deactivation Lamp fault - Sporadic
4 - ABS - 0 Faults Read
5 - TCU - P0766 - Shift Solenoid „D“ Performance or Stuck Off (SL4) - Confirmed
6 - TCU - P1613 - Forced Mechanical Limphome Position - Confirmed
7 - TCU - P172A - Forced Gear Neutral - Confirmed
8 - TCU - P1913 - Transmission Range Selector Motor Circuit High - Confirmed
9 - TCU - P2800 - Transmission Range Sensor „B“ Circuit (PRNDL Input) - Confirmed
0 - EMS - P0700 - TCU Requested MIL illumination - Confirmed


We informed the field service engineer and I also mentioned again how dangerous the self-gearchanges of the IPS could be on a wet and curvy road but it seems to be impossible to be understood. facepalm.gifmad.gif



So if anyone of you experienced similar situations and issues with the IPS gearbox please let me know.


I really appreciate all your help - many thanks, Gernot

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Gernot, send a PM to Bibs here, he has a good direct connection to Lotus. He also helped me.

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I have also issue with the IPS gearbox.


During wet weather or when the temperature is close to zero becomes a problem. When I start the engine and press the D button, then the MIL and wrenchsymbol lights up. Only 3 gear and reverse gear are working. The car seems to be in some kind of safe mode. 
When I turn off the engine and wait for a few seconds and turn on again, then the transmission is operating normally, but the lights are on. The lights go out for about five start-up and one night after. The only error code that I have found is P0700. 
This happens about once a month. I think this is connection problem, because appers in wet conditions. Hope that B&C can solve this on next month.
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Wolf, I understand your issue is under investigation. Jukka, please send me your chassis number and I'll speak to the right people at Hethel to ensure B&C are ready with potential fixes for you.


PS P0700 is a general 'limp home mode' for the gearbox. If this is the case, the gearbox likes to be in 3rd gear. Rest assured, this problem isn't usually with the gearbox but an electrical issue. 

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Hi. Sorry to wake up back this thread. I buy a 2012 All packages IPS one. Everything runs good while I was driving constantly. Then after a 45 mins traffic jam I felt like a misfire and tranny when to 5th shift 



P0700 - transmission control (malfunction indicator lamp request)

U0401 - invalid data received from engine control modue/powertrain control module A

P1613 - degraded operation

The usual P300, P301, P306 cylinder misfire codes.

i cleared the errors and the car was normal again. The other day the car was running good and the same happens momentary but to 3rd shift. Was a partial limp mode, and the car was like running without gas. But no errors or telltale lights.

I noticed that if I got a small pot hole or something similar the car behave like that momentary, like a loose connection. I checked some connections and everything looks good. Previous owner don’t remember anything about an ECU upgrade. My worry is that now the car is without warranty and I really don’t know the aprox cost of something like that.



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I believe that there was an issue with the IPS wiring loom on some cars made before 2013 send that can cause errors code and of behaviour. There's a lot of info on the US lotus talk website. My own IPS is October 2013 and had a loom replacement under warranty in 2014.

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