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S3 turbo fuel injection conversion

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Hi my name's Andy MacGillivray. I have an 86 esprit turbo which I am planning to fit with fuel injection. I have acquired the complete fuel injection setup from an S4 model including ecu and engine bay loom and some of the sensors I need. Some of the things I will need to work out include mounting a knock detector to the block, hopefully I will be able to find a boss which can be glued on? another problem will be the crankshaft sensor, I don't know yet if it will be possible to have the flywheel machined as per the S4 setup or whether I can find an alternative. A toothed wheel on the front pulley has been suggested as a possible alternative. I still need to source a barometric sensor and boost transducer and would like to find the wiring harness between the relay box and engine harness.I will also need to find the toothed ring fitted to the driveshaft for the speed sensor don't know yet if they can be purchased seperately. I am sure there will be lots of other things I haven't thought about also.
I am also upgrading the turbo to S4 spec with manifold and turbo purchased second hand, i have already had the turbo stripped checked over and given a clean bill of health. I also have a charge cooler and pump to fit.
I have so far prepared to engine/gearbox for removal just waiting for a chain hoist and balancer to arrive so I can pull them out

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Hi Andy 


Sounds like an interesting project.

I am looking to carb turbo a N/A S3. I would be very interested in buying your standard turbo carbs and any of the other standard turbo parts you take off.

I have a few sets of brand new A grade Mahle HC pistons complete with new rings and gudgeon pins which I suggest would be a good upgrade for you if your engine still has the original AE very fragile pistons which cannot handle any extra heat/boost. I could do a deal with you.


Let me know what you think.


Cheers Mike 

email mikeyounger at talk talk dot net

Tel. 07759250487

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Bit of progress made. I lifted the engine and gearbox out and separated them once out of the car. The input shaft stuck in the crankshaft on separatiom, so looks like the circlip which holds it in has failed. Stripped off the cam towers after noting valve clearances then removed head.Looks like the liners have been changed for nikasil liners still not sure the origin of the pistons but hopefully will be able to identify when I strip the bottom end to check the bearings and I believe there is an uprated spigot bearing that can be fitted to prevent the input shaft from pushing onto the crank if the circlip fails

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