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[Ebay-bot] Lotus Esprit S2 in Monaco White (1979)


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Yep it's mine.

As I said in the ad it's safe to say the speedo isn't original and it hasn't done 11,000 miles but that's what it reads.

I wouldn't go as far as add another 0 but I don't know the exact answer. 


I have spent thousands on it in the last two+ years and sadly I've run out of funds to continue looking after it. The chassis weld was the final straw and although I've had two quotes for £500 it's more than I can afford right now.

It was up for 10k but I was getting stupid offers below that so have bumped it up more.


It's had so much done to it that once the chassis is sorted it'll be a lovely sorted example.

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Shame you're selling it now. I'd make a offer on it as it's a good example and type I'm aiming to purchase...but only next year when I've saved up enough to keep and run an Esprit. I don't want to buy one and not be able to spend what it needs to stay on the road. I've read enough of the financial horror stories on this forum to know better!

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