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Thinking about possibly going out and buying a stainless welder and making up prefab trinkets for the cars.

Just speaking to bramble (James) about the all to common rusty bolt snaps and how I'd done 99% of mine in stainless and I'm thinking....people's lives would be a lot easier if ever other bolt did not break off when working on the cars....I know mine is, I love stainless steel.

Example was the rear aerofoil brackets on the later cars inbetween the exhausts.

Simply piece of kit but if something gets rusted in it, it's a royal pain to change.

I have a good stainless supplier atm who does all sorts of off cuts, just need to buy a few tools like a TIG welder, gilloutine (stuffed if I can spell that propperly), pillar drill etc (got those anyways)

What sort of interest is there for stuff like this taking into account un-seized / breaking / rusty bolts and brackets add probably 50% work load when trying to get at something and often dis-courage home maintenance. My old man is a dab hand at sheet metal work too, stuff he's made for the E-Type is really cool.

The idea is to make them for my car as a template and flog the rest as a kit with instructions and the right bolts etc so it's just an on/off kit and the buyer does not have to goon around looking for additional parts and so on.

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Hi Jon - would deffo be interested in various SE bits if you get round to them. Like a rear diffuser to replace the missing engine undertray....

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Why don't you just open a garage and I'll bring her round, that would be much easier!

Yeah me too. Maybe drop mine off for a couple of weeks next time we fly from Gatwick for a "C" and a pamper sesh!

Although not quite as fanatical as you about stainless it is most annoying having a rust free car held together with slivers of ferrous oxide. Although not a complete mechanical doofus I am not able, as many are, to look at a bolt and go "ooh that's an M8". A bag of fixings of the correct sizes to go around some popular locations on the car, or even a list of the right sizes to order yourself would be very cool. Have often thought of buying a "selection box" from one of these stainless manufacturers but always put off by the amount that would be still be rolling around my garage when I am in my 70s.

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...or worse still... rolling around between double skinned sections of grp, to remind you the're there, every time you turn left! :)

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...or worse still... rolling around between double skinned sections of grp, to remind you the're there, every time you turn left! :(

Small drill and a magnet :)

I'm building a list of stainless parts atm and into a kit form which you can order or buy to replace certain parts of the car, helps having 2 different models to cross reference to as well.

After this week, where I have got NOTHING done on the cars I wish I did have my own setup here - apart from Superdave nothing I have asked people for within about 15 comapnies (inc some BIG names) have come back to me....I just wish I could do everything myself and I think I'd have this car sorted in about a week !

Mainly small things like the charcoal canister bracket and some body panel brackets - should cost only a few quid but save so much hassle and time.

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