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First I would not go for 18 inch wheels, I have 17 inch on mine and really that`s as big as you really want to go. If yours is 5x120 PCD then BMW M3, and M5 wheels will fit with my spacers on the rear. no need for spacers on the front. When I was looking into changing my wheels I was looking for some M5 wheels, they do a rare set I think called spining star or something like that! I think they are 8j front and 9 1/2 j rear. They also do a super rare set with 10j rear! also BMW Z3 wheels will fit they also do some nice staggered sizes but are rare also. Many of the nice wider wheels I think may be special order upgrades and are rare and expensive. The BMW boys know their stuff and also hunt for these wheels! But I was lucky in the end and found the wheels I am using now but they are Mercedes and you will need your front hubs done for 5x112 pcd. My spacers are multi pcd 5x120 and 5x112. They bolt on to the rear hub by bolts and you use studs and nuts to fit the wheel. a lot of Meredes use staggered fitment as well. It was nearly 2 years ago so its just a point in the right direction and you would have to check yourself the offsets etc. I could have all the details some were but very little time to hunt it out at the moment. sorry.

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