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We Buy (extort) Any

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They take advantage of an old and no longer valid idea that "You'll save money going to a garage as a cash buyer". 


Actually, the garage will give you a Trade value the same as them. AND still discount the car to a level where you would be as a cash buyer.


Competition is so fierce out there that many of the best deals are currently coming from dealers.

Possibly save your life. Check out this website.


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Interesting. Just run it through Glasses. Trade in came back as up to £18,500, private sale £20,000, trade retail up to £23,750 depending on condition. Even these seem a bit behind the curve compared to advertised prices for the Esprit which seem be on the up, assuming those prices are being achieved of course.

I'm no expert but still seems a rip off.

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You are under no obligation to accept their clear, concise offer. That's hardly being underhand or ripping anyone off. Pitching a specialist car such as an Esprit to a generic marketplace buyer is never going to achieve a top price but it will generate a quick, no fuss, sale. Part exchange values don't come into it as that service isn't being offered.

I'm surprised that anyone is surprised that a buyer such as WBAC doesn't wish to be exposed to a financial risk such as an Esprit - hell, even Lotus dealers didn't want them back when the things were still being made and it's still difficult to give them away now that they're reaching "classic" status.


Your choice. Price and advertise your car at any figure you wish, but don't be surprised if it takes a few months or years to sell. Alternatively, use the services of a dedicated buyer and have the deal completed within a day or so, but at a lower figure.

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What is a rip off is when you travel all the way to their depot and they always offer less - oddly just enough less to you umm and ahh about whether it's worth driving home (usually in 2 cars as you leave your old one there and then). If they find a scratch on a wheel etc, suddenly £300 is knocked off....a faded number plate costs you £100 etc etc.


Anyhow Mark, don't worry, I'll give you at least 50 quid more, no inspections required

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I think they've been getting so much grief about that that the new ads now state they'll pay what they initially offer if the car is as stated.

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Out of interest I tried them last year when doing the latest swap on the Evora so hardly an old car not being made, and at the time the Evora sold privately for £32K and I had a back up trade buyer offering £29K. They were offering me £17K.


I guess it comes under the heading of too difficult so offer something that I may take if desperate for cash, and if they get it for that they can 100% shift on for reasonable profit with a little more work than usual.

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Guest surferphil

They paid over £1000 more than the shitty dealership in Wycombe for my ex's Mini PL

They paid good money for a friends Isuzu that I would have taken to the scrappy.


If I was offered a V8 Esprit I'd probably say £11k is about right to go in blind, they sell cars at auction so stand to loose quite a bit if the car has problems and lets be honest, Esprits can have some expensive 'hidden' problems.


In this world you just take it or leave it and I advised my ex to take it.

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Treat it as you would a pawn broker. You only do it if your desperate!

They are scumbags taking advantage of people who don't have the time, knowledge or want the hassle...

There claims of it's better than a trade in I would suggest be taken with a pinch of salt!

I thought I'd have a look at them with my wife's X3 last year... To "aid" my negotiation for the new car as they claim on the adverts... Utter bollocks!!

Volvo dealer (they did qualify by saying if we give you more on trade in you'll get less of the new car) deal was £8500...

We Buy any car was £6500

Sold it on Autotrader for £9300 in 1 day ;-)

Similar offer a couple of years ago on a 350Z, couple of grand lower than equivalent trade in...

Treat it like 3999% on a loan... You just wouldn't would you!

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