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S2 Front Euro Bumper

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Hi All,


Was hoping someone could provide some information to help me determine the extent of work required to switch from an ugly Federal front bumper to the much nicer Euro version on my 79 S2.  The Federal bumper has the lights mounted inboard and attached to the fiberglass body tub.  I've been told previously that the lights on the Euro bumper are attached to the bumper and not to the fiberglass body tub  Can someone confirm this for me ?  Obviously, if the lights mount to the bumper it will be significantly easier than having to relocate them to the outer ends of the body tub.  I'm sure a bumper swap won't be as easy as a simple bolt up but this is one variable I need to confirm.


I've already decided to switch to a Euro rear bumper as well and I understand all the implications of doing this.  My question on the rear bumper concerns the number plate lights.  The Federal cars have a number plate "bucket" inserted into the rear of the light panel (very ugly).  I was planing to install a repair (fill) panel in place of the existing "bucket" hole and fabricate a number plate holder of my own design (the USA number plates are so different from the Euro plates that I cannot use the Euro plate holder).  My question concerns the number plate lights.  I've seen some photos where the lights are mounted on the rear bumper and shine "up" to the number plate.  Is this correct ?


Many thanks.

Lou R

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I just switched over to Euro bumpers on my '77 S1. The rear I had to make a piece between the bumper and the lower vallance that covers the exhaust do to the fact that the bumper is not as tall as the federal. I have seen bumpers in Europe that have the license plate light on top of the bumper shining upward. The S1 has the Euro inserted 'box' that has the light inside on top.

The front bumper I used was a mix of Federal and Euro ( I ordered a Euro and got that one, still waiting for the correct Euro), but has the turn signal lights more towards the inside and a Euro license plate design.

Changeing the front bumper is not a big deal, turn the headlight pods all up and you can reach all bolts from the inside trunk and headlight pod space. Correct, the turn lights are attached to the bumper on my S1.



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Thanks for the clarifications.  The S1's are a bit different from the S2's but the info you've provided should make things easier.

Thanks again - I appreciate the help.

Lou R

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