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Buying an Europa TC


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First of all I don´t know much about Europas, I´m more into my Esprit, but a friend of a friend offered me a Twin Cam with a TCS engine.
It´s in rough condition (spider cracks over and over, engine not turning, bad interior,...) needing a total restoration but an original Lhd "Q" car with no missing parts.
All this is no problem for me, but I don´t even know nearly a price to pay for such a car. Prices in the Internet for Europas are going from 1000$ at ebay USA for a "wreck" to 40000 pouds at Pistonheads.
Can someone give me a price range for that?
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The Europa TC was my dad's first design project after he joined Lotus and is an awesome bit of kit (None of my family can fit in them as we are all too tall so never even sat in one).


Like you said, price variances are huge. I have seen them go for £40k but they do tend to have provenance. I think the last one I saw for that sort of money was a Black and Gold JPS one. I would suggest that you work it backwards. Over here they have a Fibregalss repair system where they use a fibreglass compound to go over area's with spider webs, as it will often return with normal paint shop Prep. Add that in. A good quality respray. Total interior refurb, etc etc. I would suspect you will get back to the $5000 - $10,000 range.


I think that, as an investment you want it stock so don't put a V6 or something silly in it. Try and be original where possible.


I am unsure of resale values in the US as they are rarer over there but make no bones about it, once it's finished it will only ever appreciate as they are so rare and getting rarer.

Possibly save your life. Check out this website.


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Thanks for the quick reply. Great family history!
I´m in Europe, not USA. 
For sure there wont be a silly other engine in it if I buy it. Luckily I´m only 180 cm so I fit in quite comfortable. Shoes are a problem because the pedals are even narrower than the Esprit ones.
I estimated also around €10k for the restoration, so my first thought was about €8k for the car as it is now.
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Did you end up settling on a price?

The twin cam is the higher value car but it is more expensive to run and restore than the Renault, particularly if you are on the continent. You will need to have time on your end.

Very difficult to price as you don't know what the real restoration cost will be.

if you are willing to keep it for some time, price will definitely go up with a good restoration. There are big difference between market though, it is having more momentum in the U.K. Than in other places.

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No, he wanted way more than 10k for it and didn´t want to negotiate at all. Car is still standing in the same location waiting for someone with too much money or maybe a gain in value so a resto would pay off.

I found a nice +2 130S/5 for a real good price in the meantime which I´m currently restoring.

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