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Rear round light chrome bezel

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Hi all,


I am just about to become a new Evora owner. I pick up my car in about a week or two. I've notice that my chrome bezels are corroded and mentioned this in another thread. Apparently it's a common problem and it also may be a supply problem, which is why owners are resorting to painting their old ones. Back in the day I used to supply a rear round light kit for the Esprit with a separate chrome or black bezel. It's been a long time but once I remember where I bought the component parts from, I plan to buy a outer chrome ring and see if it fits the Lotus OEM lights. If it does then happy days and it gives owners another option. Here's a picture of they used to look like.


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Yup they do. My car had them replaced twice in it's 3 year life!

Second time round they've been replaced with the black version (S) which are holding up.. Not authentic to a NA car but thought they'd keep on fade/peel so played safe..

With the Black Mirrors on yours might be a solution??

Your replacements look great btw, good way of staying with the chrome look..

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Hi auRouge, I wasn't planning on changing the whole lights, just the chrome ring which is a cover. I am sure they were less than £25 and they lasted for a few years on my Esprit. In the end I took them off and sold then because another esprit owner was desperate to have them.

I wanted the Lotus OEM led lights but never got round to getting them.

I have a picture somewhere of just the ring and I am sure I tried it on a Lotus OEM light back in the day but this would have been 5-6 years ago.

I'll keep you posted


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For general info (as LE's will be out of warranty), corroded chrome bevels can be replaced under warranty.

Sudders and Dany

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I have chrome ones on my 2010 car and they haven't corroded (famous last words) I can'y see any record of replacement under warranty either.  Front lights have been replaced under warranty as has the reversing light.

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Keep doing whatever your doing, my 2010 rears have been replaced twice under warranty..

It's silly little things like this that have tarnished what is essentially a well built car.

Enthusiasts coming up with solutions for such a young car (that cost £60k with options) shouldn't really be necessary. We all appreciate parts can fail but it's how you deal with it after that counts.

In the future Lotus should consider being more calculated and grown up about this sort of quality control and not waiting for it's customers to suffer the inevitable... If it's a duff batch, recall and fix it.

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Unfortunately, mine's out of warranty and if supply is a problem then I have to find an alternative or paint the old ones.


On a side note, the reverse light looks like the centre section of the lights I fitted to my Esprit (see  above).





David Walters

And here is a picture of the centre unit which can either be a fog light or a reverse light. If this is the same unit then I may change my outer lights to match the inners...



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I have an update on the chrome bezel. The dealer where I am buying my car from advises me that the Lotus chrome bezel is £35+VAT. They didn't have any in stock but they went on to say that on my car, they have painted the bezels black at the same time as painting my mirror, as part of their prepping service. That's a result!

I'll see what they look like when I pick it up tomorrow.


On a side note, I've found he supplier for the other chrome bezels shown above and ordered a couple to see what the fitment is like. They are only a fraction of the cost of the Lotus ones and they have them in stock. I'll keep you posted on events!

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Congratulations to your new car Dave! :fun:



'88 Excel SE - monaco white

'99 Elise 111 - azure blue �

'87 TurboEsprit - calypso red

'02 BMW 325ci convertible - diamond black


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