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Twin plate clutch- anybody done it?

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Having found some enthusiasm this weekend, I've put the alternator etc back on from last years's water pump replacement. I couldn't do it at the time as the engine mounts had shifted meaning the ali water pipe was touching the bulkhead trim, so had to wait for it to return to normal. It has got me thinking, the car originally came off the road for the clutch, it had started slipping 6k after a PUK +25% one. 

Has anybody fitted an off-the-shelf twin plate system to an Se/ GT3/ S4 / S4S etc engine and gearbox?

We keep sourcing "better" / "high torque"  clutches of differing compounds, clamping force etc, but a decent little AP twin pate system should do the job then some. The flywheel would need to be machined to have the cage bolted to it, but that's not a big job. They seem to be available in standard push-finger style (so don't have to reverse the slave cylinder & arm. I don't know what the release pressure is like but I hope it's less than an S4s, so hopefully no worse than an SE. The fingers will probably stand a bit further from the engine but an arm/ push-rod configuration change can hopefully cope with that.


So, has anybody already gone that route?

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You'd have thought so.

V8 would mean adapting the bellhousing (I have one but I'd need to make an adapter plate to fit the 4 cylinder engine and possibly chop some off the bell housing), swapping to pull type clutch so changed cylinder, it would mean machining the flywheel. Pretty much at least as much work as an off-the-shelf push unit and they cost £1000s for the plates etc as they are bespoke to Lotus.


The annoying thing is that somewhere, in either the garage or the parts shed, is a 7.25 AP unit. I'd need the plates but at least would have the cage to make a mock-up of the thing on a spare engine before committing to purchasing parts.

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Thanks, I think Dave was looking at single plate, so direct replacements, albeit high quality materials, well made etc. Looking at the prices of those parts (cover circa £350 + plate circa £230) it adds up to nearly the price of a 7 1/4 AP system.

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