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Radiator removal - '88 Turbo Esprit

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Fellow petrolheads,

I have posted for the same problem earlier this spring....


I need to fit an new radiator fan cowl on my Esprit - and at the same time I want to remove and clean the radiator.


A few of you friendly fellow Esprit owners have given me kind advices, but... the thing is still not possible to get out.


The 'clam' covering the radiator, AC aggregate and oilcooler is now completely loose, only hanging in the hoses for the oilcooler, but there should be enough room for the radiator to come out.


But no..

No, no, no..



Just in from a few hours in the garage, where I - with a lot of raw force - managed to pull the fan cowl out The cowl of course broke during this operation. And, it is absolutely no chance I can put the things back together this way.


But, the radiator - there are absolutely no way I can get it out.

Still inside the cowl, the radiator is too wide to be taken out, and the cowl is still not far enough down to get the radiator out.



Do I have to drain engine oil and disconnect oil hoses from oil-cooler - and by then lower the cowl to get the radiator out?

What wil happend to the AC aggregate if I do this?


And how do I put it back together? It is a rather heavey unit...


Any advices?

I still haven't got hold on the Workshop Manual,still searching..











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you have to disconnect the oil cooler and AC condenser from the fiberglass cowling, drop the entire fiberglass package along with the radiator.  rotate the AC condensor to the right where the hoses come out, and pivot the oil cooler to the left where the hoses attach.  IIRC swing the fiberglass cowling with the radiator attached to the left side of the car so you can pull the radiator out of the fiberglass.Then you can move it out from under the car.


The radiator  and fan s + cowling are riveted together.  Remove that assembly from the fiberglass cowling, and then you can drill out the rivets to remove the ABS plastic fan shroud from the radiator.


It is a bit easier on the 89+SE cars since the oil coolers are off to the side and don't have to be removed, and the intercooler hoses would have been drained, and is easier to remove than the oil cooler in the <89 non SE cars.


Vulcan Grey 89SE


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THanks a lot - your explanation is what was on my mind - but I found it to be a lot of work just to get the radiator out..

Thanx -something to do for the weekend :-)

A following up question:

Would you guys recommend to put the old fans back on using a new cowl - or just put on two brand new Kenlowe (or equal) fans?

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Others have said keep the cowl but I have 3 kenlow type fans that run without any problems.  They draw a huge amount of heat out of the rad when they kick in.  The only thing I would change is mount them to  a frame (like the esprit engineering stainless one)  rather than the through rad fittings.

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Next time, LOOSEN but DO NOT REMOVE the two front, long bolts that hold the rad-A/C-oil cooler "package".  Then, the support frame will tip down more to the rear, and you will be able to slide the rad/cooling fans out of their surrounding slots in the fiberglass.


Look at your last picture...can you visualize the left side up against the bumper and the radiator sliding BELOW the frame front crossmember?


Less strain on the oil cooler lines, also. :cheers:


(I've had my '88's radiator out TWICE...) :rambo:

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Atwell Haines

'88 Esprit

Succasunna, NJ USA

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Welcome to TFL Bjorn. :welcome:


You should duck over to the Introductions area and say hi in there as well. :)

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Ramjet - I will :-)

I managed to loosen the oilcooler hoses, but only one of the AC condenser's hoses - but that was enough to lower the clam. THe radiator is now out - dirty as h***. To improve cooling, I wonder if I shall have it rebuild, that's a lot cheaper then buying a new one. (Yes I have tride to clean it, but it is impossible to get all the small debries out)

When loosing the oilcooler hoses, I had to bress pretty hard with a spanner - one of the conectors came loose, so I guess I'll have someone to look at that as well..

But, first goal - remove radiator, is achived. 


I've also re-discovered my fibreglass skills from the Europa-restoration ten years ago; the fancowl has been fixed. Now the big question is either to reuse the original one - or use the one I bought from SJ Sportscars a few months ago.
The SJ edition does not look quite the same as the original..










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Do it properly once.   On my 88 esprit turbo I treated it to a new alluminium rad. I thought it was expensive but it was a beautifully engineered piece of kit and a direct replacement, a straight swop.  I changed it without disconnecting the air-con but the oil cooler had to be replaced as It was damaged whilst undoing the hoses (ally threads picked up on the steel hose unions). Hoses I cleaned up ok.  I then went for Evans Waterless Cooling Fluid.  Again expensive and needing prep fluid as well as the final fluid.  But this is for ever (assuming you don't get a split hose).  It doesn't boil, doesn't freeze, doesn't corrode, doesn't pressurise the hoses, doesn't need replacing.  Wonderful stuff which makes a lot of sense in a rear alloy-engined set-up.  I repaired the fan cowling and refurbed the existing 3 fans. Running like clockwork and worth every penny (and time spent) to get to this stage. A metal radiator with antifreeze? Times move on. Roy. 

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You can cut the oil cooler hoses and then rejoin them with copper pipe and jubilee clips. It's easier then undoing the rusted fittings.

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  • 2 weeks later...

The radiator has been sent away for a re-core job. It will come back as good as new, with guarantee. 
Question is to refit the original fans - or go for aftermarked ones, like Kenlowe. Any ideas?


The Evans Waterless Cooling Fluid sounds interesting; any more info on this?
A link or something?

When unscrewing the oilcooler hoses, one of the taps was bent. So; the oilcooler is at the same workshop as the radiator, to be pressure tested.

I'll wait until it come back before I decide to buy a new or not.

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