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Friction plate thickness 4cy cars?

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Does anybody know the friction plate thickness specs, ideally minimum and new?


I've pulled the clutch after 3 1/2 years of standing, so signs of what was causing the slipping all that time ago will be difficult if I just rely on looking for scorch marks etc.

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I haven't found anything for the friction material thickness.


How much depth do you have until you hit the rivets on each side?

I did find this




SO, I pull the trans and the clutch looks just fine to me. 8.05mm 
thickness left (not using the official method of clamping it in a 
vice). The 20k mile clutch that I replaced on the "while your in 
there" policy when the trans was rebuilt is at 8.1mm. My new clutch 
plate from JAE is ~8.6mm. 


Vulcan Grey 89SE

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Thanks Travis.

I'd searched and found odd there's no oficial mention of minimum thickness.

Rivets are a long way off but I didn't like the depth of the dust grooves, they just looked way too shallow. I measure the plate (and I did clamp it so as to remove the gap) came in at circa 7.25mm.

Now to search the garage for the S4s flywheel, pressure plate and friction plate*, and wonder at how out of balance the flywheel is given that somebody tried to machine it to lighten it (it's already a lot lighter than an SE one) and failed meaning it hasn't had a full circle of material removed on the last cut. I think I'll either find somewhere to 1) balance it, 2, failing that just have that final cut evened out, or 3) have ,my SE flywheel machines to accept an S4S pressure plate.


* I'll put a new Valeo / Borg& Beck/ QH etc friction plate in, even if it means buying a whole kit to get one, and just not using the weaker pressure plate.

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