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Whats My Engine Worth?


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Hi guys,

I understand this is criminal in most peoples eyes but was thinking about selling my engine and gearbox to fund a v8 conversion.

I have a 40k genuine car - just had thousand spent on it with all new belts, tensioners, clutch etc etc - its the 2.2 turbo for a 88 model. People say an oil leak is common but mine literally is dry as a bone and leaks nothing.... (touch wood) I'd go as far as say its as strong as an ox.

Being 32 and loving speed a little 2 often I've been spoilt with a few 500 plus pony cars and feel the esprit needs that to be my ultimate car.... Got all the looks just needs the scare factor.

So what do engines with this mileage and conditon go for in


Any advice welcomed.



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I second the above suggestion. V8 Esprit with all the gearbox chewing fun it might involve :D!

Vanya Stanisavljevic '91 Esprit SE | '97 XK8

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as above.... sell your car and get a V8. theres a shed load on the Market at the mo... the costs of a conversion wplus the sale of yur car should get you into one.

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Plus although you know your engine to be good I think most other people want it either dirt cheap with no guarantee or will only pay strong money from a business with a guarantee on it. 

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Well I'm I'm the trade and can get/already got most of the parts to do a 700bhp rs6 convention. The car would b reliable very easy to drive.... Isn't the v8 Esprit gearbox on its torque limits?

I just don't wanna thrash the car and worry its going to break on me.

I'm not knocking the v8 esprit as I love it... I just want more power that's all.

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Punky down the road in the 'Port has a 3.0 V6 Duratec in the back of his Esprit, lovely job too :D


He might even sell it to you if you ask nicely enough! 

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The audi V8 has been done on an earlier esprit, the write up was almost auto biography worthy, I'm not sure if it was on here or piston heads but there's a video if it accelerating away on you tube.

Lotus Esprit with Audi 4.2 V8:

The guy doing the conversion was very capable of fabricating alot of the required mountings and modified parts, the electronics were all mind boggling too. I'd love to buy one done but the project would see me to an early grave (if the Mrs or the bank manager didn't stop me first ha ha)

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:-) yup I read it all from start to finish... Fair play what a nice job he did too.

The RS6 lump would probably fit in just as nice but the turbo manifolds will need chopping the boot floor space down u can imagine.

The rs6 is rated at 450bhp (550 on just a remap) but the auto gearbox that they come standard with is (like the lotus v8) on its limits. Fitting a 6 speed manual rs4 or diesel box can take double the torque.

So its just a case of bigger intercoolers, injectors, fuel pump, two big turbos and bobs your uncle u have anything upto 900bhp.

I'd have to go stand alone anyway.

But I'm not made of money so thought due to ow rare they are the engine and box would be atleast worth £3k for me to warrant the conversion. I guess I was wrong :-(

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