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What does the resistive wire look like?


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I have just bought an 82 Turbo from a friend with a known fault, conks out when hot.


As far as I can see, someone might have mis-wired the ignition. The coil and Lumenition unit have been replaced at some point and there is a ballast resistor in there but its not wired in. The white wire going into the ignition box runs direct to the coil. The coil states on the side that it needs a ballast.


But, according to the wiring diagram the ballast is supposed to be a wire, not a physical resistor. maybe that is present but I cant see any evidence of it. Is this resistive wire clearly visible and is it located inside the ignition box or hidden away in the main harness?


I might try some tests, in theory connecting a 10 ohm resistor across the coil feed should not cause the voltage to drop if there is no resistance wire and will cause a drop if there is. But a visual check would be useful if I know what I am looking for.

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It comes from the starter solenoid. One wire goes to the starter switch and the other runs to the ignition, iirc. Oh I getting's part of the wiring loom....the one from the starter solenoid isn't resistive, it provides the full 12 volts to the coil for starting purposes. The resistive wire is the one that stays live when the car runs.....that and a test meter and you ought to be able to sort it out....!!

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A picture would be good for interest although I am 90% sure I dont have this wire. I checked and the voltage does not drop at all under load so there doesnt seem to be any resistance in the loom.


So someone has definitely mis-wired this setup. A Lotus specialist in fact who shall remain nameless...


Another clue is oil on the outside of the coil, I think it must have got hot enough to start blowing its oil out.

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Thanks. No I dont have any wires which look like that. The coil 12V feed is white all the way to the coil. I will re-wire the separate ballast resistor back in.

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