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Derelict locations accessible to cars for photos

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Dexter (that's my matt black Evora S for anyone who hasn't been introduced) likes to hang out in the rough parts of town and I think photographs better in derelict or abandoned looking places rather than with pretty scenery behind him.


I went hunting around Glenrothes today (much of it looks fairly rundown and abandoned at the best of times) but couldn't find much. Anyone know of anywhere around Fife or the Lothians that's an awesome photoshoot location in terms of being publicly accessible to cars, not strewn with glass etc, and which either looks or is abandoned, derelict, boarded up, rusting to death? I'm down in the Midlands and around Oxfordshire in June so anywhere down there or en route is good too!


I'd just like to get some "atmospheric" shots of my sexy-assed Dex.


Oh, and if there's any professional car photographers that want to be in on it and do it, I'm happy to pay for some awesome shots in a fantastic location.



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Go to Detroit and there are thousands of locations. Sad how far that city has fallen .


Just hope the Washington elite wake up to infrastructure problems outside the beltway and stop fighting among themselves for personal entitlement gain. That bridge you cross over tonight might fall into the river, but never fear:Caviar for all tonight in Congress!!!    :help:

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If we get another Tory govt you'll be able to take your pick of any city that's not London. If UKIP have their way this country will be so :censored: ed you won't be able to afford the Evora so it won't be an issue. 


End of political rant.  :smoke:

Currently having an illicit affair with another marque, be back in the fold one day... B-)

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