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Counting the days... + factory tour question

Kristof Thys

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Hi guys,


got an Exige S in Military Grey on order.  Should be delivered here in Belgium first week of July.


Quick question: need to be in London on June 4th and want to go and see the Lotus factory.



Practically: how do I arrange this?  Do I email Lotus UK, do I ask my dealer, ...?


In short: all tips & tricks are welcome!





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Military grey, stunning colour, a great choice!


Probably what I would have chosen for an Exige S.


Hope the tour works out. You could always do one of the driving Academy days if you're travelling from Belgium, that way you'll get to drive the Hethel track too.

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thanks guys!  Just rang the dealer, he's going to send me the contact details.  Saw on the website that june 4th is the next available date... just hope they can squeeze me (and 2 collegues) in.  Will keep you updated.


On a side note: damn this wait is hard, especially with the super nice weather over here!

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It must be because it would cost them money to set up that service and do the final prep, registration and pdi that the dealer does. Porsche charge quite a bit (over £1000) for factory collection don't they? I don't think Lotus would get many takers if they started charging for it.

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I think, they charged the prep in the past. On the other side, the Transport will be deducted, so it would be Slightly cheaper for us in Austria. I wouldn't mind the charge either.

It is my fifth Lotus and the first new car, that's why i have been Thinking about it. A Trip to UK is always nice and especially to Lotus.

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In german car factories the "pickup Service" is the alternative to the delivery costs that are charged seperately if you buy a new car (no matter where you live in Germany...). The factory pickup might contain several Special Services, can be a tour can be a Special multimedia Nonsens (whatever...)

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In the meantime, i would be already completely satisfied, if the car is finally ready. It is now 3 months delay to the initial delivery date. I am close to change my mind and visit the next Porsche dealer and take away a Cayman....

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