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help heater fans don't work

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Depends how lucky you feel - and if you have a series 1 or series 2? On the series 2, if you remove the under dash trim, you can see the fan covers each side. They are held on by 2 phillips screws and 2 clips each. these can be removed (with some difficulty) and this will give you access to the fan blades. turning them will normally free them up, but they may then screech from lack of lubrication - probably the reason they seized in the first place. If your still lucky, it will be the lower motor bearing that is dry, if you have a long thin flexible spouted oil can, you can get the nozzle between the blades (Drum actually) and get some oil on the lower bearing. I did this on both of mine that had been seized for years due to the car standing. One side it totally successful, the other is still a bit noisy, so we'll have to see.


If your not feeling lucky, or you have a series 1, then I'm led to believe the only way is to take the complete dash out.

Good Luck!!



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Is the S2 heater a lot different from the S1? Does it still use vacuum to operate the flaps inside? I've spent ages making my heater work off cables instead of vacuum - if it could be swapped for an S2 heater that would make life a lot easier!


Cheers, Mat.

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