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Happy 40th Birthday Bibs!


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Hope your 40th is as memorable as mine was....after the 40 bottles of champagne......(!)

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All the very best Bibs, :cheers:


You are catching up fast auld yin.  40 years!  Got the Motability scooter on order yet?  I'm only 50 something, so now only 1 decade between us instead of 2 .  :thumbsup: I ran away to sea 40 years ago in Sept. when you were 3 months old.  Scary that, because that was a long, long time ago! :hrhr:

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Be interesting to see how early he checks in here today. Any time before 12pm would be heroic. No sign of him before 5pm and it's 'man down'. Time to call in the military. Only Colonel Sanders can help him now I fear!

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He's not surfaced yet, which obviously is unsurprising! But Laura is up and about and we're all planning on heading out for breakfast at a reasonable hour, so there shouldn't be a need for paramedic intervention too soon.

Having said that...

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Thanks to all my lovely friends and family who helped me celebrate my 40th yesterday and for all your best wishes. Big thanks to my pals who travelled from far and wide and for all the lovely presents, I've been very spoilt! Also, thanks to Kate & Paul at the Nevill Bull, Birling for hosting us and Tobias at the Kent Brewery for the delicious birthday beer.


Big shouts to James and Ellie who drove all the way from Devon, Buddsy who drove down from Norfolk, Pilko, Simon from Wales, Andrzej and Axe, Gary, JJ, Andy & Ali, Cliff and Caroline, Paul & Vicki and everyone else who made it a terrific celebration :thumbsup:




L to R here is my daughter Ellie, little sister Abi, my Dad, me, the top of my son Ollie's head, my Mum, big sister Sarah, niece Poppy and nephew Ash :)



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We had a fab time buddy and was lovely meeting everyone. Just got home so going to have a beer after the mega drive. Still managed to get 26 mpg out of the V8 Merc :)

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Was a cracking day mate, can't lie, was a little tired when I got home @ 5:30am.


Loved the brewery tour, small but passionate.


Nice to finally meet you too James, and I apologise (not really!) that my first interaction with all of you at Bibs' house was me stripping down to my pants! :)


Thanks for hosting us all and thanks for all the pork rolls, I had a good few of them.....


Did Buddsy get back to Norfolk ok on his mountain bike? What a man!

Chunky Lover

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