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Less than a week to go...


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... Until I pick up my, new to me, Launch Edition Evora!

Just beginning to get a bit excited, spent a lot if time reading up on them and just want to get my hands on it and start driving.

Just hope the torrential rain we have been having of late naffs off. Not really read anything about the car's wet weather handling. I'm planning to use it as a daily driver, anything nasty I should be aware of in the wet?



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They're terrific in the wet, even in the snow :D


Congrats on the new car and welcome :)

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Welcome Tris,

Those OEM P-Zeros do grip well in the wet. Nothing to worry about about everyday wet weather conditions. Check to see the wiper blade has been replaced at some point. I remember mine was a bit smeary the first time I used it. Dealer replaced it for free :-)

What colour/spec have you bought.?

This is a great friendly forum with lots of help and experience.. Not that you'll need much!

Hope the weather improves for you, good luck when it arrives ;-)

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Welcome to TLF Tris. :welcome:


Bet you can't wait....


Duck over to the Introductions area and say hi in there as well. :)

All we know is that when they stop making this, we will be properly, properly sad.Jeremy Clarkson on the Esprit.

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Hi Tris,


We do have some rain too here in Luxembourg and I agree with auRouge.


I had mine delivered in the Uk and drove all the way to Luxembourg under heavy rain in the Belgian motorways...let's call it a good test for wet handling and ride comfort over bumps... The only issue was the wiper which was indeed too exposed to the sun in its previous life... Once changed all is perfect. And mine rides on the bigger 19 / 20 set...


Enjoy the car!

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Mines a daily driver - absolutely no issues in the wet at all. I just leave Sport mode off in the wet and on in the dry. The Evora feels really planted on any road surface - different to an Elise.

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Hi Guys,


thanks for the responses, greatly appreciated, sounds as though wet conditions shouldn't be a problem.


Presumably a certain amount of it will be dependent on how heavy my right foot is. Must remember it is a Rear wheel drive car, I have been used to a Front wheel drive car for the last few years.


Buying an Artic Silver Launch Edition, so it has all the option packs on it, which saves having to make a choice I suppose. Decided N/A was the way to go, didn't really fancy the MPG on the S, it's my Celtic blood you know.


4 Days and counting.



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Congrats. I remember waiting for mine, can still recall the rain journey with the wife to get to the garage now followed by a weekend away in Stratford in it.


I may bitch about the warranty recalls all the time but its a great car. You can look forward to people letting you out of junctions and taking photos of it now.

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You can look forward to people letting you out of junctions and taking photos of it now.


I did notice on the Test drive, that I was approaching a change from Dual Carriage way to single carriage way, and the car in front actually pulled over to let me through rather than just keeping on going.


Was caught so by surprise that I had already started to brake, and got stuck behind them for 3 miles with no overtaking places. :whistle:


Is this common behavior towards Evoras?


Is this a passport to driving Nirvana where people let you out, don't cut you up and allow you to pass? 

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Picked it up today!!


Spent the day tearing about the roads of the south of England, getting to know the car.


It definitely lives up to the hype, having read such good stuff about the car, there was always the danger of it not meeting expectations.


Not a bit of it, grinning from ear to ear.



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Congrats. Some nice weather at the moment, enjoy.

These cars can handle all weathers, though the back will get a bit lose when down to 3mm or so of tread.

It actually snowed when I picked mine up and had a 250 mile drive, pics attached, my wife was following me and getting the spray!



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